Soft Wall Tiles and Decorative Wall Paneling, Functional Wall Decor Ideas

modern interior design trends in wall decoration with soft tiles

Soft tiles and decorative wall paneling, contemporary wall decor ideas and modern interior design trends


Soft wall tiles and decorative wall paneling, made of soft materials, are functional and modern wall decor ideas, that give very attractive look and create quiet and warm rooms. Soft empty wall decoration is a new interior design trend, that brings contemporary decorating materials and creates unique home interiors.

Soft wall tiles and decorative wall paneling  are beautiful and versatile. New wall decor ideas work well for any interior design style and decorating color schemes, adding warmth and comfort to room decor and creating cozy atmosphere.

Soft wall tiles and decorative wall panels have three layers, hard base layer, often made of cupboard, soft foam layer and decorative fabrics, that add color, texture and beautiful patterns to modern interior design, offering good sound insulation for bedrooms, home theaters and kids playrooms.

Decorative wall panels made of leather and fabrics

Soft tiles and decorative wall paneling, contemporary wall decor ideas and modern interior design trends

Decorative wall panels and wall tiles, made of soft contemporary materials are eco friendly products, that provide cold, heat and sound insulation and beautify home interiors. Easy and quick to install, new wall decoration materials dramatically change rooms, creating safer, quieter and warmer kids bedrooms.

Soft decorative wall panels and wall tiles, made with contemporary soft materials, are available in many sizes and colors. Damaged wall panels and tiles can be simply removed and replaced. Light wall panels and soft tiles are convenient wall decor ideas which offer boundless opportunities to change and refresh interior design and decor.

Rich blue leather wall tiles, modern living room design

Soft wall tiles and wall panels can be glued on all kinds of hard and dry surfaces. There is no need to pluck wallpaper walls, installation of soft wall decoration does not require preparing surfaces. Wall materials that are prone to absorb moisture, plywood or particle board, should be primed before tiles and panels installation.

Carved wood wall paneling for contemporary room decorating

Wooden wall panelling for eco interior design and decor

Decorative layer of wall panels and soft tiles can be made of natural and man-made fabrics, luxurious leather and faux leather, suede and silk, eco friendly felt and various fiber blends. Beautiful textures and color shades, geometric patterns and bright designs are excellent for decorating empty walls, adding character to modern interior design with unusual wall decor ideas.

Black and white leather tiles for wall decoration

Soft tiles and decorative wall paneling come in different shapes and sizes: square wall tiles 8×8, 10×10, 15×15, 20×20, 30×30, 40×40 cm, rectangular 30×45 cm, hexagon 23h20 cm and octagon 20×20 cm, wavy designs 30×14 cm. Decorative wall panels have large sizes.

Modern interior design ideas, wooden walls and ceiling design

Felt wall decorating for contemporary interior design

A wide selection of colors, sizes, patterns and types of soft tiles and decorative wall panelling allow to create attractive combinations and impressive wall decor ideas. Soft wall decoration ideas are a great way to experiment with new furnishing materials and select the best interior design for your home.

Bedroom decorating with black fabric wall tiles

Unusual wall decor ideas make room decor warmer and more interesting. Leather wall tiles and wall panel make modern interior design ideas more luxurious, adding chic unique accents to cozy and comfortable interior design.

Modern wall decor in patchwork fabric style

Designer fabrics and modern floral wallpaper patterns

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