Modern Interior Design Ideas, Bright Colors, Wooden Walls and Ceiling

colorful floor rug for modern interior design of an old barn house


Modern interior design ideas that include wood wall panels, furniture and ceiling beams, create warm country home atmosphere and comfortable decorating color scheme. Wooden wall and ceiling beams, solid wood furniture and wall artworks have universal appeal, which makes wood perfect eco friendly material for modern interior decorating and home staging.

Homes breath easier through wooden walls. Ceiling beams give a house unique character, blending old building traditions with modern interior design. A lot of wood may look too plain, so adding various textures, light and bright colors, blue and green or yellow-orange and red color accents, helps balance home interior design and add more interest, creating beautiful and charming decor.

Wood wall panels and ceiling beams, unique decorations, made of exotic wood, wall artworks, solid wood furniture and room decor accessories, made of pine, oak, chestnut, maple, birch and beech, are just a few ways to add the beauty of wood texture and comfortable brown colors to room design.

Modern interior design ideas for walls and ceiling

Carved wood wall panels, contemporary interior decorating

3d drop ceiling panels, contemporary ceiling design trends

Wood wall panels, solid wood furniture, ceiling beams and work well together and with all home furnishings that are classic or contemporary, creating pleasant and bright interior design with glass, leather, ceramics, stainless steel and decorative fabrics.

Solid wood furniture pieces perfectly match leather items and natural decorative fabrics, creating colorful living spaces with light and bright colors, blue and green or yellow-orange and red color accents. Wooden walls and ceiling beams, wood furniture and room decor accessories look elegant and charming with colored or transparent glass, ceramic and metal also.

Creative decorating ideas attractively combine solid wood furniture, decorative ceiling beams and wood wall paneling with plastic, light and bright interior design colors, Рblue and green or yellow-orange and red color accents, Рfor adding contemporary touch and cheerful mood to modern interior design.

Wooden walls and solid wood furniture, chic interior design ideas

Wooden wall paneling and wood furniture, eco interior design and decor

Universal appeal, wonderful qualities and tender grayish, pinkish, reddish or golden brown colors of solid wood furniture, ceiling beams and wood wall panels allow interior designers to follow their imagination, develop beautiful modern interior design ideas and eco friendly decor for any room style, from classic to contemporary high-tech.

From old barn to bright and modern interior design

New owners of an old barn house, built in the 19th century in Connecticut, wanted to create bright and personal, unique and modern interior design, when bought their home. Country style interior design ideas looked too traditional. They turned to a decorator John Barman, who came up with a spectacular interior design ideas, that include wood wall panels and ceiling beams, solid wood furniture and room decor accessories, lighting fixtures and wall art decor items, made of wood.

The interior decorating color scheme is inspired by the bright colors of American South, blue and green, yellow-orange and red color accents, and beautiful grayish, pinkish, reddish or golden brown color tones of old wood.

Karim Rashid helped to emphasize the age and charm of old wood, recycling wood, adding unique accents and cheerful atmosphere to home interiors, buily of solid wood, and turning an old barn into a dream home.

  by Ena Russ   

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