Wooden Walls and Solid Wood Furniture, Chic Interior Design Ideas

using solid wood for modern interior design



Wooden walls, floor, solid wood furniture, wall artworks and room decor accessories are chic interior design ideas that bring beautiful comfortable brown colors into modern homes and fill them with peaceful atmosphere. Solid wood furniture and room decor accessories, unique wall artworks and exotic decorations made of beautiful wood, wood wall panelling and floor help relax and rest.

Wood furniture and wooden accessories, combined with wood wall paneling and floor harmoniously blend  eco friendly products into organic interior design, emphasizing the modern eco style trend in decorating. Solid wood furniture and decorative wall panels in the combination with airy white and blue paint color tones, offer chic interior with wooden walls and striking white-blue-brown color scheme that dramatically transforms modern home interiors.

Wood floor and decorative wall panels, made of oak, pine, beech, birch or maple bring comfortable light and dark brown colors, turning a home into a peaceful retreat. White-blue-brown interior design color scheme add cozy and stylish feel and create more spacious appearance, making the white-blue-brown color combination perfect for new interior design and decor or home staging.

Wood wall panelling

Wooden wall paneling and wood furniture for eco interior design and decor

Carved wood wall panelling, contemporary interior decorating

Wooden walls and floor, solid wood furniture, artworks and small decorations, made of exotic wood, are eco friendly products that make modern interior design and decorating ideas feel inviting and interesting, warm and stylish.

Wood furniture

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Oak furniture, rustic wood furniture and wood wall panelling are exclusive and practical interior design and decorating ideas that add pinkish and grayish brown tones to attractive white-blue-brown color combination. Soft pine furniture or exotic teak furniture and rosewood furniture and room decor accessories bring warm golden brown color tones or elegant dark brown shades, creating attractive contrasts.


Fine wood furniture and handmade furniture are exclusive ways to emphasize unique interior design ideas and celebrate the beauty of natural wood, its texture and color.

Steve Chen, one of the founders of You Tube selected gracious and comfortable white-blue and brown interior design color scheme for his spacious and stylish home interior design and decor with wooden walls. Solid wood furniture and wood wall panelling, combined with white and blue paint colors, make his house in San Francisco elegant and luxurious.

Modern interior design ideas in white-blue-brown color combination

Bathroom decorating in blue brown colors

Interior decorating in sky-blue for spacious look

Matching interior design colors

White and blue paint colors, flooring and furniture items in white add breezy accents to interior design ideas, that include middle to dark brown color combination of decorative wall panels, wood furniture and floor. Large windows, efficient lighting and white-blue paint colors work well with wood furniture and chestnut wood wall panelling, creating light and modern interior design and decor.

Chestnut wood is used for floor and stairs, dining table and benches, bar chairs and kitchen island, coffee table and wal shelves, bathroom cabinet and wooden walls. White and blue paint colors for ceiling and part of the walls emphasize the beauty of natural wood.

The architectural interior design company Joel Sanders and decorator Melissa Winn developed these warm and charming, spacious and impressive interior design ideas.

  by Ena Russ   

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