Stylish Stools and Dining Chairs, 9 Dining Furniture Design Trends

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Dining furniture, particularly dining room chairs and kitchen stools, were invented long time ago, and since then the civilization created thousands of different types of the dining furniture items. Eco friendly dining room chairs, comfortable and light furniture design ideas and natural materials are modern dining furniture design trends.

Solid wood and upholstered dining furniture pieces, ergonomic design and soft cushions, casual furniture sets and luxurious fine furniture, leather chairs and simple wood stools, conveniently rotating home bar chairs and light task stools, bring more comfort and style into modern homes.

Kitchen stools and dining room chairs, made of wood, are latest dining furniture design trends that help create warm and cozy, inviting and pleasant kitchen nook and dining room decorating. Birch, maple, pine, oak and dark exotic woods are beautiful materials for modern dining furniture design.

Dining furniture design trends, always in style wood dining chairs, tables and cabinets

9 modern dining furniture design trends

1. Fusion of chair styles

Mixing various dining room chairs, selecting one or two main colors for upholstery fabrics look stylish and exciting. Antique and vintage dining chairs, combined with traditional wooden and contemporary plastic chairs (Panton chair contest winners) and stools, united by texture, frame shape, similar details, colors or patterns, create interesting and modern dining room decorating.

Different upholstered dining chairs, white fabric, similar design, modern chairs and table

2. Simplicity and light room decor

Simple and elegant shapes, metal frames and natural wood are main dining furniture design trends. Exotic wood bring unique texture and colors into modern homes, adding ethnic accents and creating classy dining room decorating with modern chandeliers.

Upholstered dining chairs, blue, metal chairs
Black leather dining chairs, modern chairs

3. Exotic wood and dark room decor colors

Dark wood colors are modern and comfortable. zebrano, macassar, rosewood, mahogany and especially African wenge, dark brown to black wood add ethnic chic and ancient elegance to modern dining furniture design in classic style.

Solid wood furniture, eco style trend
From log to Keyboard stools and contemporary dining chairs

Exotic wood, dark room decor colors and simple design, modern furniture design trends, contemporary dining furniture

4. Large wood furniture design

Heavy and bulky dining table with chairs, stools and benches remind medieval times furniture that monks used. Rustic and simple dining room chairs, tables, benches and stools show elegant wood texture and match contemporary and classic interior design, adding warmth and comfort to modern home interiors and creating impressive contrasts with modern chandeliers.
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5. Dining furniture materials

Aluminum frames are attractively combined with wooden parts and upholstery fabrics. Glass details, mixed with plastic, wood, leather or metal, are modern interior design trends that are reflected in dining furniture. Leather-like and marble-like man made materials, in a combination with colorful lacquered wood and glass are contemporary dining furniture design trends for those who like plastic-like shine and bright room decor colors.

Orange cream dining furniture, bright room decor colors and design trends, modern dining chairs, table, lighting and cabinets

Metal stools frames and dining room chairs complement light and airy contemporary dining room decor. Plastic chairs help create modern, dynamic and energetic look. Wooden dining chairs bring traditional comfort into dining room interiors, creating warm and relaxing atmosphere.

6. Elegant light chairs

Modern dining chairs look like light armchairs from 60s or simple kitchen stools with high back and luxurious soft cushions.

Interior designers present their chair masterpieces
Modern home bars, furniture design stylish bar stools

Dining room chairs, white upholstery, wood and light room decor colors, modern design trends

7. Open stainless steel chairs frame

Open frames of modern dining chairs, made of steel, leather, cotton or leather-like upholstery fabric offer attractive and slim dining furniture design for light, airy and modern dining room decor.

Black leather dining chairs, metal frame, contemporary dining chairs and tables with glass top

8. Contemporary dining chairs upholstery

New technology offers unique materials and contemporary upholstery fabrics for furniture design. High quality leather, suede and similar healthy and eco friendly contemporary synthetic materials are top dining furniture design trends.

Modern dining furniture, metal frame, yellow leather dining chairs
Wood dining chairs, natural suede upholstery, ergonomic dining chairs

9. Natural stone, tempered glass, metal and wood

Glass surfaces look great with natural stone and metal, plastic or wooden dining chairs. Natural stone in a combination with glass and metal, creates unique, elegant, spacious and light modern decor.

The secret is that dining chairs in different styles and all natural materials can be mixed, united by color, shape or texture. Modern dining furniture design trends provides unique opportunities to unleash creativity and improvise.

Modern dining room decorating

Dining room decorating with contemporary arc floor lamps
Contemporary furniture design, unique chair with hair
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Glass table top and metal-wood frame, wood dining chairs, modern dining furniture design trends

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