Simple Dorm Room Decorations Personalizing Interior Design

dorm room design ideas, teenage bedroom decor


Simple dorm room decorations help to personalized interior design and create more pleasant and comfortable living spaces for students. Most colleges and universities provide single or multiple occupancy rooms for their students. These living spaces lack character. Here is a few creative and inexpensive ways to add charm to interior design and create inviting and unique rooms for students.

Like an apartment buildings, the residential university buildings consist of many identical rooms. Cheap and bright, personalized and unusual dorm room decorations bring life and intimate feel into interior design and create welcoming and pleasant living spaces for students.

Put your stamp on your space, use cute and colorful accessories and handmade room decorations. Bedding and wall decorations in unique color combinations, bright lamp shades and crafts are gorgeous dorm room decorations that make your new dorm room feel like home.

Dorm room decorations

Bright and colorful dorm room design

Modern bedding sets with geometric patterns in bright colors are excellent for adding a personal touch to interior design. Stylish chevron, zig-zag, polka dot or striped bedding sets make your dorm room look playful and cheerful.Bold and trendy interior decorating color combinations brighten up an all-white dorm room with fun bedding sets.

Towel wraps, decorative cushions, window curtains and bathroom towels in your favorite colors are nice dorm room decorations that add personality to your living space. Bright towels in your favorite colors, embroidery or appliques are great dorm room decorations and convenient accessories for showering in the same place with all your friends.

Zig zag bedding sets, colorful dorm room decorations

Colorful and creative cord holders make great, functional and attractive dorm room decorations also. Between your computer, TV, desk lamp and mini fridge, there will be a few cords floating around your room.

Cable organizers or wall decorations

Cable organizers ans tags, unique room decorating ideas

Modern cable organizers that attach to each one, help declutter your dorm room, organize electrical cords and allow to identify what every cord in your room is for with colorful labels.

Unique and bright dorm room decorating ideas, nautical themed wall clock
Zig zag pillows with monogram letters

Fun wall clocks and desk clocks are functional and eye-catching dorm room decorations that brighten up the blank white walls. Interesting and comfortable, small chairs add character to dorm room designs and offer stylish seating options besides beds.

Ergonomic bedroom furniture for teens

Black color for teenage bedroom wall decorating

Lightweight modern chairs that fold away when you are not using it are fun room decorating items that improve functionality of space saving interior design.

Colorful small furniture personalizing dorm room design
Creative wall decorations for dorm rooms and teenage bedroom decor

Cork boards in creative shapes, unusual bulletin boards for funny pictures and notes or homework assignment reminders for dun dorm room decorations that are functional and unique. Also you can add an unexpected pop of color to your dorm room decorations with a bold furniture piece, a night stand, modern wallpaper pattern, silhouette artworks or a wall shelf in bright stylish color.

Modern teenage bedroom design ideas and stylish teens room decorations

Modern ideas for teenage bedroom decorating in unique personal style

Personalized dorm room decorations are fabulous ways to beautify shared living spaces. Letters for wall decoration or decorative pillows with embroidered personal letters add meaning and charm to modern interior design. Monogram pillows are fabulous dorm room decorations that add a personal touch to your new home away from home.

Colorful bath towels
Personal letters adding character to interior design

Creative USB port designs in bright colors and unusual, playful and interesting shapes can dress up a desk and add cheerful personality to dorm room design with attractive and contemporary USB hubs.

Silhouette artworks inspiring creative wall decoration for teenage bedroom design

Modern room design ideas showing well expressed teenage bedroom decor for two

These little devices are smart dorm room decorations that give plenty of USB ports, so students can plug all their gadgets into one laptop at once while decorate a door room in creative and personal style.

Tulip shaped USB hub
Cable organizers with plastic labels, functional dorm room decorations

Dorm room design ideas

Modern dorm room design ideas, teenage bedroom decor
Teenage bedroom decor ideas, boys room design

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