Modern Wine Storage Ideas and Proper Storage Tips

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Kitchen island with wine shelves, small storage ideas


Modern wine storage ideas offer convenient and attractive ways to store wine. A bottle of good wine is one of the most popular gifts. Wine collecting is a unique art, and you need to think about how to store wine at home. When preserved correctly, wine can last for decades and centuries, growing in value and quality. Poor storage can spoil wines, so proper wine storage is essential. Here are modern storage ideas and tips for organizing a beautiful and appropriate storage space for your wine bottles.

There are many different furniture pieces, cabinets, wall racks, and free-standing shelves for wine storage, but the correct environment for wine storage is the key to long-lasting taste and high quality of your wine. High temperature accelerates the aging process and kills freshness. At low temperatures, this process will be slow. Sudden temperature changes can spoil the cork, the air can quickly oxidize the liquid, and wines lose their taste.

Modern ideas for wine storage in your kitchen and dining room

Wine storage ideas to add extravagant accents to interior design

Convenient and creative storage ideas

Proper wine storage tips

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1. Temperature

10 – 12 degrees Celcius is a suitable temperature for most wines. Dessert wines require 14 – 16 degrees Celcius

The optimum temperature for storing grape wine is 10–12°C; for dessert wines, the temperature can be 14–16°C.

Modular furniture design, contemporary storage ideas

Elegant wall-mounted wine racks

Original wooden wine racks

2. Horizontal position

For wine bottles with corks, be sure to store your wine horizontally in a wine rack.

Horizontal wine storage ideas, modern wall shelves

3. Quiet storage space

Protect your wine bottles from all types of light and vibration.

Space-saving ideas, narrow coolers for modern kitchen designs

Root cellar design ideas, traditional storage solutions

Contemporary design, wine storage ideas

4. Humidity

Humidity between 62% – 70% prevents corks from drying. A wine fridge keeps wine between 50-60˚F (10-15˚C) and at the proper humidity level.

Modern kitchen island with a wine cooler

5. Open bottle storage

Appropriately stored, an opened bottle of wine can last 3-5 days. The key to extending the shelf life of an open wine and retaining its original qualities is to recork it promptly and tightly. You can use wax paper around the cork and slide it back into its original position. A rubber wine stopper can create a tight seal also. A wine vacuum pump enables you to suck the air out of an open bottle, creating a nearly airtight seal.

DIY wine storage rack recycling metal cans
Small home bar design
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Kitchen island with wine shelves, small storage ideas

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