Wall Mounted Wine Rack Adds Seducing Drop Shaped Design to Dining Room Decorating

contemporary dining room decorating
Modern wall wine rack in drop shaped design, contemporary dining room decorating ideas



A gorgeous modern wall wine rack gives a final touch to contemporary dining room decorating. Wine drop shaped, innovative and interesting wall-mounted wine rack is a functional and stylish home decoration, that makes an artistic statement. Shaped like a drop of wine design will be greatly appreciated by wine lovers and all who enjoy original and meaningful design.

This modern wall-mounted wine rack is designed by CattItaliaelan, www.cattelanitalia.com/ The elegant shape and seducing taste of a last drop of wine blend into a gracious wall decoration. Unique wine rack design is practical and convenient also.  Two shelves and wine bottle storage unit are very helpful for dining room decorating.

Two shelves provide attractive storage spaces for glasses and accessories. Wine bottle storage unit features enough cells for a growing collection.

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Stainless steel wall mounted wine rack

Modern wall wine rack in drop shaped design, contemporary dining room decorating ideas

Stylish contemporary wall mounted wine rack create eye catching centerpiece, blending an organic shape with a seducing feel of a last drop of wine. Compact and space saving wine rack may work as a mini bar, enriching dining room decorating with luxurious details.

This wall mounted wine rack is very decorative and useful, suitable for any dining room or kitchen size and color palette. The wall wine rack, that helps free floor space, while offering stylish storage for wine bottles, glasses and accessories is a beautiful addition even to a small dining room.

Stainless steel wine rack with two shelves and cells for wine bottles

Original design, organic shape, neutral color and versatile stainless steel material blend into a wonderful wall wine rack that easily match any decor,  bringing a plus of style. The dining room below is an excellent way of including this product into room decorating.

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Modern wall mounted wine rack with shelves for glasses and accessories

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