DIY Plastic Pipe Projects, 55 Unique Home Furnishings and Yard Decorations

garden art plumbing pipes

Creative garden art, birds made with plastic pipes


DIY designs made with plastic pipes offer a fantastic opportunity to show your creativity and skills. Leave plumbing in the hands of a pro, but repurposing pipe fittings is a DIY project that can bring a surprising result. Here are inspiring ideas from the Lushome collection showing fabulous DIY designs. When combined with fabrics, wood, basic lamp kit, plastic pipes turn into exciting and original home furnishings.

Recycling plastic pipes transforms them into furniture, decor accessories, lighting fixtures, and kids’ toys. Custom designs created with plastic pipes give a unique look and an industrial touch to home decorating. Plumbing-pipe clothes rack, shelving units, tables, chairs, decorative screens, kids’ beds, and playhouses are just a few fantastic DIY ideas to reuse, recycle, repurpose plastic pipes for home decorating.

Embrace the look at home by creating small organizers with plumbing pipes. Affordable desks, laptop stands, shelving for houseplants, pets’ feeders, cat furniture, and garden art are more than just a pipe dream. Recycling plastic and making home furnishings and yard decorations with plumbing pipes can be a simple, low-cost, and exciting project.

Ingenious home organizers, DIY storage solutions created with plastic pipes

Unique furniture design, DIY pipe projects

Metal pipe bed frame

Recycling plastic pipes for home furnishings

Creative room dividers and wall decorations, recycling plastic pipes

If you hide an artist inside and feel adventurous, go for one of the repurposing pipes projects. Opt for unique furniture design ideas or create original lighting fixtures out of a pipe. Have you ever wished your home could look immaculate and well-organized? If yes, consider small storage solutions designed with plastic pipes.

Decorative room dividers created with plastic pipes

Recycling plastic and metal pipes for unique furniture

Original ideas for recycling old vehicles and tubes for modern furniture

Every DIY project is unique, and the designs are available for different activities. If you are an artist, craftsman, or DIY project lover, then you have lots of things to organize in your spaces. Here are fabulous DIY ideas for organizing your home with plastic pipes. Most DIY ideas are inexpensive and easy, so check them out, get inspired, and choose the ones that suit your taste better.

Modern wall decoration with geometric shapes
Modern lighting, design ideas to recycle plastic pipes
Plastic recycling ideas, DIY plumbing pipe planters
Original glove drier created with a pipe
Unique furniture design and DIY storage ideas
Pet furniture design idea, DIY dog bed
Using PVC pipes for vertical garden designs
DIY storage ideas, plumbing pipe rods
Creative garden art, yard decorations, birds made with plastic pipes
Original holiday decorations, Halloween spider design with pipes
Recycling plastic pipes and old tires for yard decorations, kids’ toys

  by Ena Russ   

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