Mini Pig Bench and Chair with Leather Cushions for Eco Style Decorating

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Contemporary furniture design, modern chairs, pig chair and bench


The Furniture Design Exhibition Salon Internazionale del Mobile demonstrated contemporary furniture, decor accessories, and lighting ideas for modern home interiors and offices. From designer furniture for bedrooms, living rooms, and kids’ rooms to executive leather furniture designs for exclusive offices, contemporary furniture offers comfort, functionality, and an original look.

Contemporary furniture design company Yvonne Fehling & Jennie Peiz, based in Germany, showed visitors modern chairs and bench designs with leather seats. The dining chair design offers soft cushions made of soft creamy pink leather. The leather chairs add an inviting look to country kitchen decor and beautify elegant dining room decorating.

The mini pig-shaped benches, made of soft cream and pastel green-blue leather, look fabulous and realistic. The Larger Pig bench is also available, providing unusual seating and excellent decoration for modern interior design in eco style.

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Modern chairs and Pig benches

Contemporary furniture design, modern chairs, pig chair, bench

After the exhibition, all modern furniture, including pig benches and wooden chairs with leather cushions, was sold at the designer furniture auction. Mini pigs are popular pets. Eco-style and natural decorating themes are popular also. The dining chairs with leather cushions and mini pig benches look luxurious and inviting, making many fans.

Mini pig bench design, modern chair, leather bench design

Modern chair design that blends wood and leather into comfortable and unique furniture pieces is promising. It feels chic and practical. Designers want to create more big and small Pig benches and chairs with leather cushions for sale. The talented, skilled, and creative design team from Yvonne Fehling and Jennie Peiz lives and works in Karlsruhe, Germany. In 2006 they founded their interior design studio Kraud,

Leather bench design, mini pig bench design, contemporary furniture

Leather furniture for modern interior decorating

Attractive modern chairs with leather cushions are luxurious and comfortable items for country kitchen and dining room decorating in eco style. The Pig benches look like cute stuffed toys and can work as unique home decorations for living room, hallway and entryway designs.  The mini pig benches are lovely, creative, and unique furniture items for kids room decorating also.

Mini pig bench, contemporary furniture design, room decor

Mini pig benches make elegant, familiar, and friendly home decorations. Handmade furniture design is original and versatile, able to match the home decor in many styles and enrich interior design color schemes with soft and tender pastel tones. Beautiful mini pig benches are soft leather and can decorate any room designed for kids or adults.

Leather bench, unique furniture for modern interior decorating

Mini pig benches are great for entryway designs and foyer decorating in eco style, making the entrance informal and welcoming. Two or three mini pigs can serve as elegant and stunning decorative accents and stylish additional seats for kids in the dining room and living room.

Soft leather bench in creamy color, handmade furniture

Made of soft leather in calming pastel turquoise and creamy pink colors, these contemporary and unique furniture can easily match kitchen decorating color schemes. This attractive modern furniture design, inspired by living things, always looks natural and pleasant. Mini pig benches will work well for bedrooms also, creating relaxing bedroom decorating in eco style.

Modern furniture design trends

Modern bedroom furniture, pig bench, unique furniture design

The unique furniture pieces can add interest to any interior design. Stuffed toys and fabulous handmade decorations, the Pig benches are designed to enhance modern interior decorating and create a soothing and pleasant atmosphere that turns living spaces into cozy and welcoming homes.

Pig bench ideas

Upholstered furniture design, pig bench

The International Furniture Fair in Milan is the largest trade fair in the world. The annual show demonstrates the latest trends in modern furniture design and interior decorating, bringing attractive designer furniture, decor accessories, lighting fixtures, innovations, and modern interior decorating ideas into homes.

Pig bench, unique furniture design ideas

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