Light Gray, White and Pink-Red Colors, 5 Color Schemes

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Light gray, white and pink-red home furnishings and room paint colors are optimistic interior trends that will be popular in 2011-2012. Current and future economic uncertainty, social disturbances and natural disasters deeply affect people, who are looking for peaceful, relaxing and happy life. Exciting and comfortable interior paint colors, stylish wallpaper patterns, elegant and bright interior decorating accessories and fabrics reflect and transform this impact, offering optimistic, romantic and cheerful interior trends for creating pleasant and cozy modern homes. (Interior trends 2011, paint colors)

Light colors and bright hues create peaceful and inviting interior color schemes, that include classy white, elegant gray, warm golden, natural wood tones and bold pink-red colors. Dark gray, anthracite, pearl gray, slate gray, bluish gray and natural stone shades, selected for home furnishings or room paint colors, make stylish, elegant and relaxing interior color schemes. Light gray, white and modern pink-red interior colors, chosen for furniture, accessories, wallpaper patterns or room paint, offer comfortable, festive and warm interior color schemes. (Interior trends 2011, decorating color schemes)

Light room paint colors and bright home furnishings are practical interior decorating ideas, that dramatically increase rooms size and make a room feel airier and more welcoming. Painting  is a quick and inexpensive way to add freshness and style to interior design. In 2011-2012 people will select natural decorating colors, light home furnishings, wallpaper patterns and room paint to create peaceful, cozy and comfortable atmosphere, and brighter homes.

Modern home furnishings and interior paint colors

Five modern interior color schemes with white, gray, gold and pink-red colors, interior trends 2011-2012

Pink-red room colors add a personal touch and interest to interior design, making modern rooms feel warmer and softer. Off-whites and light gray tones bring an elegant French flavor into interior design, while bright pink and red colors create a drama.

Versatile white and gray color combination offers popular interior color schemes for home furnishings and room paint colors, that suit all taste and interior design styles. Stylish purple-pink-red tones add a splash of romantic color to room decorating ideas and create soft, cheerful and exciting interior design.

Modern decorating colors, interior trends 2011

Ten modern room colors for interior design in 2011-2012, red, gray, white, grayish beige, brawn, gold, purple-pink, pink, dusty pink, red-pink colors

Wine colors, gray-purple with brown, pink and pink-red home furnishings or interior paint colors feel comfortable and elegant with white and light gray. Bold pink-red room colors, selected for background, main elements or decor accents,  offer dynamic and optimistic interior color schemes for 2011-2012.

Gray and off-white room paint colors and interior design ideas look peaceful and bright, creating airy rooms with fewer home furnishings. Pleasant golden, light brown, beige and natural wood shades emphasize the comfortable look of simple and stylish eco friendly interior design.

White-gray and red colors, contemporary interior color schemes

Urban style and loft ideas will be the most popular interior trends for modern homes in 2011-2012. Light gray and white can be combined with bright red colors for creating dynamic interior color schemes and big cities atmosphere. (Warm decorating ideas for rainy fall and winter)

Light and simple home furnishings and interior paint colors make rooms look open and welcoming. Juicy red, airy white and elegant gray are perfect for contemporary lifestyle and energetic interior design.

Contemporary white-gray and red interior color schemes for dynamic and optimistic interior design in 2011-2012

Natural wood and white-gray room colors, eco interior color schemes

Elegant and simple Scandinavian furniture, made of natural wood and eco friendly fabrics, and white-gray room paint colors are modern interior trends also. (The art of interior design, the future of the furniture)

Inspired by fresh air, waves and sea foam, powerful wind and beautiful nature of Northern Europe coast, white and gray interior paint colors and home furnishings are excellent choices for spacious and stylish eco friendly homes. (Neutral color, decorating with modern beige tones)

Pleasant materials, warm textures and light color schemes offer cozy interior design ideas that help relax and rejuvenate. (Modern kitchen color trends, elegant white kitchens)

Modern interior design, white-gray interior paint colors, interior trends 2011

Pink-red colors, romantic interior decorating color schemes

Bold red colors, soft golden and orange shades and stylish pink-red tones, combined with elegant gray accents offer romantic decorating color schemes for 2011-2012. (Home decor ideas, gold and pink accents)

Neo Baroque interior design style with luxurious furniture pieces and bright pink-red colors present the dynamic movement, overt emotions and romantic decor in modern Baroque style. (Modern color, honeysuckle pink color decorating)

Gold, pink-red colors, romantic interior color schemes, neo-Baroque interior design style

Casual interior decorating color schemes

Sentimental chic, nostalgic flavor and interior design inspiration create beautiful, peaceful and comfortable white-gray-gold and pink-red interior color schemes for modern homes. Vintage home furnishings and interior paint colors that remind happy moments offer pleasant and warm retro style interior design.

Shabby-chic furniture, patina, wicker accessories, handmade embroidery, quilts and contrasting decorating color schemes add country home charm to modern, welcoming and comfortable interior design ideas.

Vintage decor and bright white-gray and pink-red interior color schemes for modern interior design, color trends 2011-2012

White, gray and brown, comfortable interior color schemes

Luxury is always in style. Comfortable interior color schemes, inspired by old traditions, include white cream, warm brown and all shades of gray color that are perfect for elegant home furnishings or interior paint. Comfortable and classy accents bring interesting texture and color contrasts into modern interior design. (Black and white room decor, fear, protection and purity)

Luxurious furniture, antique mirror frames and silver decor items can be combined with simple contemporary picture frames and casual pillows in matching colors. (Matching interior paint colors and home furnishings color schemes)

Silver dinnerware and clear glass vases, silk and linen, white and gray or brown tones, matte and shiny surfaces, metal accessories and soft drapery fabrics create modern contrasts and create harmony. High quality materials, various textures and room colors, that mix old and contemporary items, make modern interior design ideas feel comfortable, personal and stylish.

Heritage furniture and decorating color schemes, that include comfortable brown, classy white cream and silver tones

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