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Modern interior design trends, contemporary materials and home decorating ideas



Modern home decorating ideas and interior design trends 2011 will be presented during traditional Imm Cologne exhibition. Imm Cologne is the center of interior decorating and furniture design world, where famous interior designers, lighting fixtures manufacturers and furniture design companies bring fresh solutions and showcase trendy interior design ideas that will be seen in design for modern homes.

Imm Cologne is one of Europe’s most attractive and interesting trade fair venues. Trends books present main interior design trends and modern home decorating ideas, including furniture design trends and color palette choices. Interior designers Patricia Urquiola, Defne Koz, Harald Gründl, Martin Leuthold and editor of Apartamento Marco Velarde identified four main interior design trends that reflect different lifestyles, new home decorating ideas and colors for 2011.

Sweet and Bitter Emotions, Admiration and Empathy, personal Comfort and Balance, Simplicity and Transformation are four main interior design trends for 2011, each of which offers unique home decorating ideas, modern theme and color palette. (Interior decorating and paint colors trends for 2011)

4 interior design trends 2011

Modern furniture design trends and interior decorating color palette
Modern lighting design, textures and color trends for home furnishings
Modern interior design trends, contemporary materials and home decorating ideas
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Modern interior design trends, materials and colors

1. Sweet and Bitter home design trend is associated with sensations and emotions, like sweet and bitter taste of dark chocolate. (Bathroom decorating in blue-brown, chocolate inspiration) Elegant modern interior design is created with stylish home furnishings and simple home decorating ideas. Soft color palette makes clear and straight lines look warm and welcoming.

Classic home decorating is combined with new architectural and interior design ideas, high-tech contemporary materials and fresh interior color palette. Innovative technologies, blending the old and new interior decorating ideas, create comfortable and modern home interiors. (Interior designers present their chair masterpieces)

Contemporary decorating color palette, living room design ideas, color trends 2011

Simple geometric shapes, like circles, triangles and squares, and their variety make modern interior design ideas both sweet and bitter, interesting and simple, relaxing and dynamic. Natural and eco friendly materials, like wood, leather and felt, in the combination with soft color palette create Emotional interior design trend.

2. Admiration and Empathy interior design trend offers to enjoy emotions and deeper understanding of things that surround us, paying attention to the feeling that home furnishings, modern decorating color palette or creative interior design ideas evoke.

New forms and contemporary materials give a chance to look at modern interior decor in a new way. What looks simple and light can be strong and comfortable in modern home interiors. Heavy furniture pieces impress with light appearance. Light lamps surprise with their large sizes and shapes. (Pendant lighting fixtures, interior design trends)

Modern interior design ideas make bulky home furnishings seem airy, emphasizing light contours and soft interior decor accessories. Contemporary materials and unique textures add volume to flat elements, creating beautiful and unexpected contrasts.

Black-orange color palette, modern living room design ideas

Contrasting home decorating color palette, the combination of heavy and light furniture items, airy and massive home furnishings,  warm and cold colors are elements of Admirable Empathy interior trend. The main interior decorating color is cool gray. Ash-gray, black, neutral beige and white colors create attractive decorating color palette with diluted lemon-yellow or orange tones.

3. Comfortable furniture design is an important part of creating personal interior decor. Bringing more balance and rebuilding the world are 2011 interior design trends that offer practical home furnishings that feel comfortable  for everyday life.

Modular furniture design will look softer, getting rid of sharp angles. Soft  upholstery fabrics, leather, pleasant textures and calming home furnishings color palette will create luxurious and relaxing home interiors.

Giving preferences to natural materials, like knitted or woven, and selecting comfortable brownish-red or brownish-purple with white, golden and cream color palette are modern interior design trends in 2011. (Cream paint colors for home staging)

Off-whites home furnishings feel fresh, yellowish and corn shades, reddish-brown and terracotta color palette radiates positive energy and creates warm and stylish modern interior design.

Modern color palette and furniture design, living room decorating ideas

4. Transforming complex things into simple decorating ideas and using natural materials are modern interior design trends, inspired by nature. Green interior design ideas will be very popular in 2011. Green design will include simplified forms, neutral interior colors and kitsch decorating ideas.

Plain or finished surfaces can be polished, creating bright interior decorating accents. Choosing metal, contemporary composite materials, wood and glass for Green interior design will be trendy in 2011.

Dark plum, brownish-purple and purple-blue wallpaper or interior paint colors are stylish background colors. Lavender, caramel, light brown tones, beige and light bluish color palette are great for home furnishings and interior decorating accents. (Modern kitchen color trends 2011)

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Stylish interior color palette and home furnishings, living room decorating ideas

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