Feng Shui for Office, 5 Feng Shui Tips for Office Design and Decorating

computer desk organization
Good desk organization and bright color palette to Feng Shui home office design


Home office design with a desk in the corner is unlucky, according to Chinese Feng Shui masters. A writing table or a computer desk in the corner means a person working there will not benefit of the positive energy that concentrates in the center of the room.

Feng Shui for office creates energizing environment that supports your destiny. Simple Feng Shui tips for home office design and decorating help find the best solutions and arrangement, suggesting Feng Shui cures and decorations to attract positive changes.

The largest portion of energy flows through the door, so sitting back to the door is unlucky and facing the door is the best. If your home office is very small and you need to use space saving corner furniture, add a bookcase or shelving unit that soften the angle and imitate protection.

Room divider to Feng Shui office design

Room divider to Feng Shui home office design

Every office design includes a bookcase or a shelving unit. They can help create stimulating atmosphere and bring more energy to you, or work against you.

Bookcases and shelves with doors that are made of wood or any other opaque material, decorative screens and bead curtains work well as room dividers and are ideal to Feng Shui office design and decorating.

Open shelves and cabinets with shelves can be used also, if they do not direct their corners to a person sitting at the corner desk.

Feng Shui for home office in the corner

Feng Shui for wealth with fish tanks

Light to Feng Shui office design and decorating

West facing office windows make office design too bright and hot, creating visual and physical discomfort for people working in the room. Blinds and curtains are excellent protection from excessive light and heat.

Blinds and curtains in blue colors Feng Shui home office design and decor. Blue blinds and curtains represent the Water element, creating a cooling effect and comfortable environment that increases your productivity, – Chinese Feng Shui masters recommend.

Blinds and curtains in white colors symbolise the Metal element and Feng SHui office design and decor also. White blinds and curtains are great for office windows facing West.

Blue blinds and curtains Feng Shui office design and decorating

15 interior design tips to stay healthy in home office

Cactus plants and Feng Shui decorating

Feng Shui crystals

Feng Shui crystals, a glass of water, crystal vase or glass beads are Feng Shui cures that improve the quality of light.

Feng Shui crystals deflect, refract and disperse yang energy, that sunlight brings into office interiors.

Crystals are beautiful window decorations that create the rainbow effect and make office design and decor feel cheerful, pleasant and comfortable.

Feng Shui color in home design, color meanings

Feng Shui home colors and Chinese symbols

Feng Shui crystals for window decorating, Feng Shui tips for office design and decor

Office desk organization

All items on your desk should be organized and kept in order. A table lamp should be placed on the left side of the table, if you are right-handed. Items should be placed in accordance with Feng Shui bagua, creating more harmony with all elements and balancing office design.

Items in bright Feng Shui colors, good lighting and Feng Shui paintings of beautiful seascapes, lakes and ponds with fish improve your mood, increase the productivity, bring energy, and are perfect for office interior decorating.

Good desk organization and bright color palette to Feng Shui home office design

Feng Shui room design, furniture for corners in modern homes

Feng Shui tips, water element and good Feng Shui for office decorating

A glass of water to Feng Shui office design and decor

Chinese Feng Shui masters suggest to keep a glass of clean drinking water on your computer desk or writing table. Place a glass of water on the right side of the table to enhance your creative power and ingenuity. A glass of water on the left side of your desk will increase your learning abilities, memory and applying your knowledge skills.

Glass of water on desk with laptop, simple Feng Shui cures

Stale water collects negative energy. Fresh and clean drinking water is a Feng Shui cure that helps Feng Shui office design and decorating, and keeps you healthy, energetic and productive.

  by Ena Russ   

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