Creative and Modern Ideas for Interior Decorating with Unusual Contemporary Rugs

unusual floor rugs and carpets for modern interior decorating
Contemporary rugs inspired by nature, green carpet with moss and grass designs


Lushome shares a collection of contemporary rugs that demonstrate modern ideas in floor decoration. Unusual  contemporary rugs are wonderful, functional and very decorative home accessories for modern interiors that can dramatically transform living spaces and add personality to any rooms.

Contemporary rugs are made of eco friendly and natural materials. These beautiful floor rugs recycle materials and offer soft and pleasant decorative accessories for creating cozy rooms. Gorgeous textiles feature fabulous textures and add rich bright accents to room colors, making interior decorating more interesting, warm and modern.

Carpets and rugs, inspired by nature, imitate moss and grass, wood slices and beach pebbles. These decorative accessories are perfect for modern interior decorating in eco style.The floor rugs bring relaxing mood into rooms and create soothing, peaceful and quiet atmosphere.

Unusual contemporary rugs adding innovative designs to modern interior decorating

Unusual contemporary rugs

Cut out designs, unusual floor rug with flip flops

Cosmos and ocean inspired designs are spectacular and captivating. Floor rugs with crystals add chic to modern interior decorating, and sculptured contemporary rugs enhance room design by adding dimension and creative forms.

Sculptured floor rugs look very original and creative, demonstrating artistic designs and exclusive modern ideas in floor decor.

Contemporary rugs inspired by nature, green carpet with moss-like designs

Bright color combinations and spectacular geometric patterns, inspired by the simplicity and elegance of geometric shapes and forms, define the geometric trend in modern interior decorating. Pussle-like floor rugs and contemporary rugs with constellations bring fresh themes into decor.

Colorful kids rugs, interior decorating with sculptured rugs

Contemporary rugs, sculptured wool rugs

Postage stamps inspired floor rugs and bright designs of colorful contemporary rugs with images of everyday objects look unusual and creative. Traditional carpets and rugs, adorned with cut out designs are fresh and modern ideas that show the latest trends in home decorating.

Beach stone inspired floor rug in gray colors

Black and white floor decor, including floor rugs, is versatile and elegant. Black and white carpets and rugs are suitable for all interior decorating, from bedrooms and home offices to living rooms and home libraries. Interesting patterns, intersecting lines and shapes create stunning optical illusions that enhance contemporary interior decorating.

Modern floor decor ideas, contemporary rugs

Colorful contemporary rugs

Unusual carpets and rugs with animal prints or city maps look very fresh and unique. Hexagons and triangles, zigzags and circles, colorful or black and white straight lines and abstract decoration patterns add unique look to these creative home accessories, giving fantastic opportunities to personalize modern interior decorating with beautiful and unusual contemporary rugs.

Contemporary rugs with crystals for chic interior decorating
Sculptures contemporary rugs for kids rooms

  by Ena Russ   

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