Recycling Paper for Incredible Cardboard Room Furniture and Decor Accessories

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Recycling paper for room furniture and home decorations is a modern trend in interior design that re-purposes old newspapers, magazines and used cardboard boxes. Cardboard furniture pieces, wall decor and creative office or home decorations present an incredible ideas from German designer and artist Hand Peter Stange.

Cardboard is an affordable, durable and beautiful material. It’s also recyclable and easy to work with material, perfect for making room furniture and decor accessories for eco homes. Move it, flatten it, store it or leave it exactly where it is, says the designer.

The flexibility and convenience of a cardboard furniture piece you can carry across the room are sure to be appreciated. Light and portable room furniture are ideal for new home interior decorating or home staging. A cardboard bed you can flatten when your guests leave is a great space saving solution for small apartments and homes. Kids table that relish licks of paint do not create big troubles.

Cardboard furniture, decor accessories and storage units

Side table for living room decorating, cardboard furniture from Karton, Australia

Cheap and accessible, cardboard furniture, wall art and home decorations from Melbourne base Karton Group, about keeping interior decorating simple, perfect for often traveling people, kids, first home buyers and students.

These incredible furniture and wall art pieces, designed by Hans Peter Stange, are available exclusively online, so there is no middle-man, which minimizes the cost. Cardboard furniture and home decorations are amazingly strong and exceptionally attractive that introduce an innovative and cheap way to sleep, sit, store or live.

Sheep shaped cardboard shelving unit, cheap eco friendly modern furniture design

Interiors decorating with cardboard furniture, wall decor items and home decorations allows to use each flat-packed, home-delivered cardboard paper furniture and decor accessory for creating customized and unique rooms.

Cardboard furniture collection Prejudice from Sanserif, green ideas for recycling paper

Pendant light fixtures made of corrugated paper, contemporary lighting design from Graypants

Modern dinnerware design, reusable plate with disposable layers

A clever system of folds and tabs makes an assembly quick and simple with no tools or glue required. The result is stunning and convenient interior decorating with cardboard furniture and wall decorations you can live with for while.

Cardboard bedroom furniture set, eco friendly products made of recycled paper

Whether you decide to move it, store it, recycle it or leave it exactly how it is designed, cardboard furniture and decor accessories from the Karton collection is a fun way to decorate your home. From sitting and sleeping furniture to unconventional storage ideas, these eco friendly products showcases at Karton are not only practical, but also conveniently priced.

Cardboard office furniture, desk and shelving unit with cardboard boxes

Karton cardboard furniture and decor accessories are made of cardboard that is a mix of virgin and recycled paper. Virgin pulp provides superior strength. Every product is 100% recyclable and glues are non-toxic and made from vegetable starch.

  by Ena Russ   

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