Modern Dinnerware Design, Reusable Plate with Disposable Layers

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Reusable Plate with disposable layers is an example of creative modern dinnerware design that offers convenient and attractive plates for holiday table setting, picnics and traveling. Reusable plate Ox Eye consists of few thin layers that are light, strong and disposable.

The Ox Eye plate, designed by young Russian designer Katherine Semenko, is made of 7 layers of cardboard material. A bio-erodible coating (peptidic membrane) is laminated to disposable layers, and each layer has a patch handle that helps to peal a used layer when pulled.

Modern dinnerware design make it easy to serve guests or set a picnic table. The reusable plate is great for traveling and can be used in a train and in the car.

Modern dinnerware trends for contemporary table setting

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Reusable plate with disposable layers

Plate made of cardboard layers, modern dinnerware design

No washing after enjoying meals is required. Reusable plates are simple to use. Just take away the top dirty layer, and the reusable plate is ready for another meal.

The disposal part of the plate is minimum in this case. Unlike disposable plastic plates these reusable plates are truly eco friendly products.

Cardboard plates with disposable layers, eco friendly products

Easy to use, convenient and attractive reusable plates are perfect for any occasion, for kids and adults. The layer of peptidic membrane has a colored thicker edging which makes the plate easy to use while traveling or eating in open air.

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This convenient and modern dinnerware design idea can be applied for creating wonderful disposable bowls and cups, creating the entire dinnerware collection for contemporary table setting.

Disposable plates with layers, contemporary design ideas

It takes at the average 20 seconds, 1 litre of water, efforts of 1 person, 2 mg cleaning liquid plus financial expenses on all the components in order to wash one ceramic plate, and comfortable conditions. To produce 1 plastic disposable plate, – 5 g of plastic plus financial expenses of the customer are required + 90 years for decompose. And it happens this way every time after your meal. It seems efficient to suggest an alternative, – a reusable plate. The next way of the development this product is a competent selection of eco-friendly materials and technologies, – Katherine Semenko says.

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