Red and White Table Decorations, 35 Festive Summer Party Ideas

summer picnic table decoration
Red balloons and tablecloth, summer party table decoration in red and white



To celebrate Canada Day and the beautiful season, you do not need expensive tableware and table decorations. Setting a summer party table is easy with red and white-colored items. Your creativity and imagination will help to find an attractive way to brighten up your summer party table with red-n-white flags, tablecloth, napkins, fresh flowers, balloons, cups, straws, and plates. Here is the Lushome collection of the holiday dining area and table decorating ideas to inspire the red-white decor for your summer party that gets you lots of compliments.

Fresh flowers in red and white colors and little flags are beautiful ways to dress up holiday tables on Canada Day. You can create floral arrangements or have individual table centerpieces made with red and white flowers. Also, you can use flower petals on a quiet day, spread them out all over the summer party table. Red and white candles are bright and beautiful table centerpiece ideas, perfect for celebrating at night.

50 red and white summer decorating ideas for outdoor seating areas

50 Canada Day table decorations, red-n-white centerpiece ideas

Food decoration ideas, Canada Day edible decorations

Red and white summer party table decoration

Red and white table decorations, festive summer party ideas

Red and white tablecloths, napkins, chair cushions, and throws are the most practical and elegant ways to spruce up outdoor seating areas on Canada Day. You can fold the napkins into maple leaf shapes or use maple-leaf napkin rings. Ribbons, lace, fabric leftovers in red and white make attractive and original yard decorations and table setting accents.

Canada-themed edible decorations for the summer party tables

Red-n-white colors and maple leaf accents for summer decorating

Soothing desserts in red and white, edible decorations for celebrating Canada’s birthday

There is no limit to fresh summer party table setting ideas. Greenery works with red and white details perfectly. Pine cones, branches, pebbles, driftwood, rustic wood items, and handmade crafts symbolizing the national holiday are great for summer party decorating. Beaver figurines, prints, and small toys are ideal for accentuating Canada Day party tables. Also, you can think of fruits and berries to add reds and give an artistic touch to the table decoration.

Red-white color combination, outdoor furniture

Setting up a red-white table for a summer party allows you to design some creative patriotic decorations and table setting ideas. Watermelons and red maple leaf crafts can add a red touch to party tables and bring a festive cheer to your outdoor dining area.

Small table decoration in red and white colors, space-saving furniture for balcony decorating
Red and white plates with polka dots, summer party ideas
Red and white colors, summer party table setting
Tea party table setting in red and white
Bright picnic setting ideas
Red and white for balcony decorating
Red balloons and tablecloth, summer party table decoration in red and white

A creative way to celebrate summer, floating picnic table

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