Red and White Decorating with Maple Leaves Accents for Canada Day

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Handmade napkin ring with wooden maple leaf


Red and white decorating ideas are festive and exciting. Maple leaves, the symbols of Canada, look fabulous in red and white offering gorgeous home decorations for Canada Day. While symbolizing strength and flexibility, the maple leaves show attractive linear patterns and beautiful zigzags that add a bold look to home accessories and table decorations in red and white colors. The decoration patterns are universally appealing and can accentuate stripes, polka dots, any geometric prints and enhance straight lined or diagonal patterns. Lushome shares inspirations for Canada Day decorating with red and white maple leaves.

Canada Day is a four-day celebration. Beautiful summer holiday decor in red and white delights communities, from coast to coast to coast, proudly celebrating all people have in common. Red and white colors are about celebrating achievements and values of the ancestors, and which are voiced in nearly all of the languages of the world. Red and white decorating ideas are bright, festive, and spectacular, but always remember the importance of detail. Maple leaf patterns bring beautiful accents and give meaning to red and white.

Take a moment to consider how much influence the maple leaf patterns have over Canadian lives. Maple leaf patterns form the essence of all that Canadians do for the summer party decorating, what they think and create. These decoration patterns undoubtedly bring wonder and happiness. Maple leaves symbolize nature and create extraordinary displays of natural patterns on holiday tables and home accessories.

Canada Day desserts in red and white colors

Modern polka dots for summer party decorating

Maple leaf decorations in red and white

Handmade napkin rings with wooden maple leaf accents

Maple leaves combine natural patterns that instill a lasting appreciation of the elegant simplicity and natural beauty bringing an understanding of the world, harmony and enjoyment. Maple leaves in all their glory offer myriad ways to create beautiful holiday decor. You can start with the common things that people tend to overlook at home and add gorgeous red and white leaf patterns to transform them into unique holiday decorations.

Wooden leaves look fantastic on red tablecloths creating terrific party table decorations for Canada Day. Quilts and wall art with red maple leaves, vases, and decorative pillows make incredible accents and beautiful gifts. Check out the ideas below and get inspired by gorgeous leaves in red and white colors.

Hand-painted wall decoration in Canadian flag colors

Decorative patterns inspired by nature are powerful and appealing. They are obvious and require a little effort to use in home decorating. Nature offers a different view on the world, asking to decrease hectic lifestyle, relax, appreciate all people often take for granted.

Creative food design ideas adding red color accents to dining tables

Feng Shui colors for home decorating to please the Red Fire Monkey

Maple leaf patterns and red and white colors brighten up these thoughts and bring fabulous, symbolic, and graphic holiday decorations that add meaning to the summer party.

Handmade home accessories, quilt with red maple leaves

Why not find a little time to take a closer look at red and white maple leaves and consider adding the intriguing and festive decoration patterns to home interiors and table decor. Red and white maple leaves can stylishly accentuate modern textures and bring modern red shades into home decorating. The geometric patterns inspired by red leaves give definition to decorating ideas with lovely nuances of their shapes.

Maple leaf cutting board and wine bottle stopper
Leaf hooks and candle centerpieces
Maple leaves garland
Maple syrup in leaf-shaped glass jars
Decorative vase with red maple leaves


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