Creative Food Design Adding Bold Red Color to Unusual Watermelon Salads

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food decoration with watermelon adding red colors to cold and hot salads

Watermelon slices with feta cheese, nuts and herbs


Watermelon is a delicious and juicy ingredient in contemporary recipes for unusually tempting and spectacular meals. Colorful watermelon salads add bold red accents to the table setting and create unforgettable memories of gourmet dining. Lushome shares beautiful food pictures, dramatic and delicious watermelon salads. Red color gives character to the innovative and contemporary meals which use delicious, decorative and juicy pieces to create fabulous plates that impress and seduce. Watermelon cubes and slices turn salads into brilliant masterpieces of the culinary art and add a stunning look to creative food design.

Hot and cold salads with watermelon look bold and surprising, setting the exciting atmosphere at the table and improving the mood. Bright red color adds drama to any food decoration and creates spectacular meals presentation. Grilled watermelon slices, creative combinations with garlic, shrimps, feta cheese, nuts, meat and edible herbs are contemporary ideas that allow giving a personal touch to the gourmet food design. Mixing watermelon chunks with cucumbers, berries, avocados or olives creates different flavors and gives a gorgeous look to the meals. Fresh, delicious and creative food decoration ideas are a perfect way to personalize the salads and turn ordinary ingredients into brilliant edible decorations. A watermelon is a fruit and a vegetable, so it perfectly blends with cooked or fresh fruits and vegetables.

Bright red colors add spectacular accents and create incredible effects mixing energy and passion with creative food decoration ideas into extraordinary meals. If you are looking to give a personal and fresh touch to your salads, here are a few modern ideas to mix watermelon pieces with green leaves of edible herbs, shrimps, nuts, berries, bananas and various cheeses.

Fun table centerpiece idea turning a watermelon into a punch bowl

Watermelon cakes and sweets adding red colors to summer party

Fresh food decoration ideas for watermelon salads

Creative design, watermelon salad with greens

Watermelons are not just for fruit salads. You can make delicious hot meals with onion, garlic, various edible herbs, and watermelon. You can mix this fruit and vegetable with many foods and spice up your favorite meals. The art of food design and new decoration ideas are amazingly peculiar and inspiring. Unleash your imagination and start experimenting with foods you like giving your meals a dazzling look and sweet taste of watermelons.

Edible herbs are a simple and quick way to create sensational starters and excellent hot meals. Red colors and juicy texture are fantastic ideas for bright table centerpieces. Try something versatile such as watermelon bite-size pieces instead of one of your favorite food decoration idea, spice them up with edible herbs putting a new twist on your favorite meals.

Grilled watermelon salad with feta cheese and greens

Colorful watermelon cubes create striking contrasts with oranges, green leaves, olives, shrimps, nuts, berries, cucumbers, avocados, potatoes, and cheeses. Edible flower petals give a romantic touch to juicy cubes and balls, enhance their natural beauty, bright look, and delicious taste, and bring gorgeous plates to dining tables. Bold and exciting red colors are a nice way to add striking accents to food decoration and create excellent salads and meals.

Watermelon red color for food decoration

Melons are exceptionally decorative, versatile, and perfect for many meals offering fantastic health benefits. These fruits or vegetables have lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that gives watermelons that gorgeous red color. A watermelon adds Vitamin C to cool snacks and cold salads, provides delicious ingredients, tastes amazing. Watermelon is an ideal, delicious, and healthy alternative to sweet drinks and treats.

Colorful table centerpiece idea, watermelon salad with cheese and tomatoes on glass tray

Also, watermelons help lose weight and offer numerous opportunities to brighten up dining experience. Food decoration with a watermelon is simple. The red color and moist texture enrich any food design idea. Check out the beautiful ideas and get inspired to try new combinations of ingredients for your meals. The bright red fruit (vegetable), mixed with cheeses, shrimps, meats, herbs, nuts or olives, creates extravagant and delicious meals that look and taste fresh and sensational.

Unusual watermelon salad
Edible flowers and watermelon salad, bright edible decorations
Watermelon salad with cheese and cold meat
Watermelon slices with feta cheese, nuts, and herbs

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