Watermelon Cakes and Sweets Adding Color to Summer Party Table Decoration

watermelon cakes and sweets in red and green colors

Colorful watermelon cake, edible decorations for your party table


Watermelons are healthy and natural food that brings beautiful contrasting colors into summer party table decoration. Inspired by watermelon cake, cookies or frozen fruit treats look festive and and create bright and colorful edible decorations, suitable for any special occasion.

Fresh watermelons or frozen fruit treats offer the perfect combination of health, taste, texture and color. This natural food gives great inspiration for richer food design ideas, like cakes, cookies, candies and frozen fruit treats. A refreshing drink with a delicious piece of your watermelon cake are exceptionally bright idea for your summer party and table decoration.

Fresh watermelons make great deserts. Packed with essential vitamins, this low calorie desert rehydrates the body and bring relief during the hot summer months. Since 90% of the fruit is composed of water, watermelon drinks or just slices of watermelon are the most popular in summer.

Delicious watermelon cakes creating bright party table

Watermelon slices, healthy summer party food

For those who like to celebrate summer with rich and delicious cakes and cookies, the color combination of watermelons are a great inspiration for creating gorgeous summer party table decoration.

Green and red colors with black accents look fantastic. Watermelon cakes, cookies, candies, fruit baskets and frozen fruit snacks pair well with watermelon drinks, smoothies and ice creams. There are a number of recipes that can easily be prepared at home.

Bright watermelon cake, green and red colors for party table decoration

Frozen watermelon desserts and fresh fruit baskets which make use of watermelons in combination with other fruits create beautiful and healthy summer party deserts. Strawberries, kiwi fruit, blueberries, pineapple and grapes look very colorful with red watermelon pieces.

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If fresh fruits are not enough, you can add a watermelon cake or cookies to your summer party table decoration. The amazing watermelon cakes and cookies and cupcakes with coconut or raspberry fillings are some of the tasty bites that are perfect for delicious summer party table.

Colorful watermelon cake, edible decorations for your party table

Watermelon salads are hugely popular, especially among the health conscious people. Watermelon drinks and smoothies are the most popular drinks for kids and adults. Watermelons can be used as party drinks also, adding more color and taste to summer party table decoration.

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Watermelon sweets in bright green and red colors
Summer party food and treats
Frozen fruit desert

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