Hand Painted Sushi Plates for Creative Asian Party Table Decoration

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painting ideas for plates, food decoration and presentation

Creative painting ideas for plates, artistic table decoration and food presentation ideas

Unique hand-painted tableware items are fabulous dining room decorating ideas for a special event. Using food for creating funny images on a plate adds fun to table decoration and shows your creative and artistic nature. These unique plates, designed to serve Japanese food, bring cute drawings into party table decoration in Asian style and demonstrate attractive, artistic, and surprising food design ideas. Russian artist Alexei Platunov creates the black plates adorned with graphic but simplified images. The edible decorations look expressive and inspiring.

The hand-painted plates are perfect for unique table decoration, which can spruce up your Asian-style party. You can try to paint your dishes, adding personality and an artistic touch to food serving. Using food, you can create marvelous decorating designs on plates and delight guests with fantastic edible decorations.

A little art and creative painting ideas can quickly improve your party table decoration, food and drinks presentation. Painting with real paints can transform a few other tableware items and create one-of-a-kind table decorations, like a vase for flowers or wine glasses that look similar to the plates. The hand-painted plates are a fantastic idea, whether you will use food or non-toxic real paints. These inspiring, artistic ideas are perfect for special dinners, significant events, and everyday meals.

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Creative sushi plates, party table decoration

Creative painting ideas for plates, artistic table decoration, food presentation ideas

Painting plates with real paints make great items for sale. Hand-painted plates and dining room decorating accessories are popular and expensive also. Using the best non-toxic paints, you can create gorgeous dishes and decorative accessories. The acrylic enamel paint is an excellent choice to envision your painting ideas.

Edible flower cuisine, food decoration, presentation ideas

Creative food art and decoration ideas

Beautiful plating, original food art, edible decorations

Food decoration and presentation are a vital part of enjoying meals. Japanese sushi has its way of presentation. If you are a regular sushi maker at home, then hand-painted sushi plates are a good idea that will brighten up your table decoration and Asian food presentation in a creative way.

Sushi plates for Asian party table decoration

Along with unique sushi plates adorned with edible decorations created with food, you can add similar designs with paint to other accessories, supporting the sushi plate set – matching chopsticks holders, bowls, and glasses, decorated with colors. Hand-painted bowls for keeping Japanese soy sauce and wasabi are appealing and original. Select the decorating theme, use food for creating cute designs on your plates, and enjoy sushi and table decoration in a surprising and artistic style.

Painting ideas food for unique party table decoration

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