Modern Interior Design and Decor in Light Green Colors and Soft Pastels

mosaic tiles bathroom wall design
Modern bathroom wall design with mosaic tiles



Light green colors and soft pastels are beautiful interior colors for room design and decorating. They are versatile, suitable for all rooms that need a touch of freshness and timelessly elegant style. Light green color shades and tones feel young and stimulating. Modern interior design and decor in light greens energize and inspire. Here is the Lushome collection of modern interior design ideas integrating green hues into the spaces.

The lively and bright greens or calming pastels radiate friendliness and peacefulness. Bright green shades give a warm spring glow to modern interiors, while pale pastels create a modern interior design perfect for ultimate comfort and relaxation. Greens are fantastic color design choices. If some people dislike bright neon greens, lime, and fresh green hues, calming green pastels help add a touch of green to interior design and decor stylishly.

Matching color ideas, grayish-blue in modern interiors

Soft yellow and pastel greens, interior design ideas

Modern interior design and decor, pastel blue and green colors

Light green colors in interior design

Interior decorating with glass vases and furniture in green colors

Green color combinations

Playful, bright greens are excellent color design choices for adding a playful touch to the rooms, while light pastels, pale bluish-green colors are ideal for quiet and serene interior decorating. Green color combinations with white, yellow, and blue look natural, pleasing to the eye, and beautiful.  From pale green tea to grass, all light green pastels create a fabulous look in modern interiors.

Modern interior design and decor, sensual spaces in pastel green colors

Natural green color hues for modern bedroom and bathroom decorating

Fresh and relaxing green colors in kitchen design

Bright greens

Bright green color, wall niche decorating with lights

Lime is perfect for teenager bedroom designs, studio apartments for young people, children, small kitchens, outdoor rooms, and bathrooms. A touch of light greens makes the spaces look fresh and bright. Bright green colors are suitable for all interior design styles and look especially beautiful in the rooms in minimalist style when the greens compensate for the lack of details and eye-catching shapes.

Colorful decorative plates in red, yellow, green colors

Lime and light green pastels create fabulous color combinations with natural hues. White, brown color shades of wood, coffee, sand, cream, and blue pastels create modern color combinations with light greens. The interior design created with green color schemes looks harmonious and attractive.

Colorful bedding fabrics, wall art in light green colors inspired by nature

Decorating with green

An accent wall design in green color can transform a bathroom or a kitchen. A green floor rug brightens the floor, and green decorative pillows bring freshness into a living room or bedroom. Greens are excellent for decorating small apartments, hallways, entryways, wall niches. Rooms in minimalist style ask for light green accents that make the small spaces feel airy and open. Also, small decor accessories, like vases, bowls, artworks, look stylish and beautiful in modern interiors.

Modern decor in soft green and pink colors, decorative vases, bowls

Green pastels

Green colors inspired by green tea, guacamole, grass, fresh leaves, and muted pastels are perfect color design ideas for modern interiors. Greens offer bright, juicy, warm shade and tender bluish-green pastels, and it is easy to find the ideal hues for every room and outdoor home decorating.

Soft green pastels, modern color

Green color combinations, mixed with unique textures and decoration patterns, are excellent for Boho style and glamorous interior design. The decor in green colors is a fantastic way to refresh modern interiors and give a personal touch to room decorating. Check out the interior design and decor ideas for using green colors, and you may find perfect solutions for your rooms. Light green colors are ideal for fun-loving personalities and those who like to create peaceful retreats with pale green pastels.

Light green colors in modern interiors

Light green colors, floor rug, wall paint, decorative accessories
Modern green pastels, green floor rug, room furniture
Room furniture in soft green, small coffee table, kitchen design
Green bedroom lighting, chair, pillows
White kitchen cabinets, green countertops
Colorful decorative pillows, soft green curtains, white-green floor rug, modern living room design
Bright living room design and decor, green home textiles
Modern bathroom wall design with mosaic tiles in soft green, brown, gray colors

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