50 Canada Day Table Decorations, Centerpieces and Summer Party Ideas

flower centerpieces white and red colors

Creative white and red flower centerpiece idea for summer party table decoration


White and red colors, national symbols and creative craft ideas help bring the Canada Day spirit into Canadian homes and design unique and beautiful holiday table decorations and centerpieces. Painted or handmade from paper, wood or metal wire maple leaves, beavers, moose and provincial flowers, miniature inukshuk sculptures created of small rocks or beach pebbles add interesting and meaningful accents to Canadian holiday table decoration and make wonderful, simple and impressive home decorations and centerpieces for this special day.

Canada Day crafts created with natural materials, from paper and birch bark to beach pebbles, rocks and evergreens, are great ideas for Canada Day home and table decoration. Natural materials and creative crafts add a great, relaxing and welcoming feel to any space. Handmade home and table decorations and centerpieces are original and versatile, suitable for celebrating in all parts of Canada, indoor and outdoor.

White and red colors, national symbols and Canada Day crafts, combined with wild flowers, favorite food and delicious treats create beautiful holiday tables. LED lights and patio lanterns highlight Canadian symbols creating inviting and festive atmosphere.

Canada Day table decorations and centerpieces

Canada Day crafts, party table decorations and centerpieces

White and red colors are bright and exciting, adding celebratory touches to Canadian holiday tables. National symbols, like flags, maple leaves, beavers, moose, provincial flowers, combined with evergreens and pine cones create truly Canadian displays. Adding traditional and favorite Canadian food and decorating the holiday tables with sparkling glass jars and metal buckets filled with paper crafts, sea shells or sand and miniature flags, make Canada Day table decoration look unique and impressive.

A few items in white and red colors, combined with inexpensive handmade Canada Day crafts and evergreens or pine cones used for creating Canada Day table decorations and centerpieces look fabulous with mini lights and lanterns, enhancing Canada Day table decoration at night.

Handmade stone crafts, miniature inukshuk sculptures for summer party table decoration

Painting small rocks or beach pebbles in red and white colors, making miniature inukshuk sculptures or paper beavers and maple leaves, and arranging them on the table add unique Canada Day tableĀ  decorations and centerpieces that are simple, inexpensive and very decorative.

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Anything made of wood looks truly Canadian. Benches and chairs, wooden dining tables and crafts are excellent for creating memorable Canada Day dining experience. A little knotty pine, cedar and birch feel truly Canadian, enhancing the spirit of this fantastic summer holiday.

Creative white and red flower centerpiece idea for summer party table decoration

Maple leaves, beavers, moose, provincial flowers, Mounties or a map of Canada make great table decorations and centerpieces. Confetti and ribbons in white and red colors are great Canada Day table decoration ideas that create stunning, bright and cheerful atmosphere.

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Canada Day is a fun summer holiday to decorate for with white and red colors, handmade crafts and national symbols. Natural materials, simple crafts, bright food and pure white and red colors look bold and extremely eye appealing, offering beautiful holiday table decorations and centerpieces for a Canada Day party.

White and red colors and wooden furniture for summer party
Canada Day party ideas

Canada day crafts and table decoration ideas

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