Beautiful Vanity Dressing Tables Adding Chic to Modern Bathroom Design

modern dressing tables in bathrooms


Vanity dressing tables are essential parts of functional, luxurious and modern bathroom design. Once you add a dressing table to your bathroom design you will use this wonderful furniture piece very often. The purpose of a vanity dressing table is to provide you with cozy and bright space to get ready for the day and storage space for cosmetics and vanity items.

An attractive, comfortable and elegant dressing tables can enhance modern bathroom design and add to the beauty of your room. Below are a few inspiring photographs and bathroom design ideas with a dressing table. Lushome shares some tips from professional designers to keep in mind while shopping for vanity dressing tables and remodeling or designing your bathroom.

Bright locations is the best place for your vanity table. A dressing table can be placed in a dressing room, bathroom or bedroom. The place needs lots of day light and effective lighting design. A dressing table should be comfortable to use, easy to access and clean.

Modern bathroom design trends in bathroom cabinets and vanities

Modern bathroom design trends in storage furniture

Modern bathroom design with vanity dressing table

Modern dressing table with hidden storage drawer and stool

A dressing table with small cabinets and drawers that have enough space to store your vanity items is ideal for convenient and elegant bathroom design.  A comfortable stool or elegant chair add to the beauty of modern bathroom design.

There are many different dressing tables and storage furniture pieces on the market to suit any bathroom design style, size and colors. DIY dressing tables is another great option for improving small bathroom design and creating more comfort in your home.

Space saving ideas for modern bathroom design with dressing table

A great vanity dressing table is a wonderful addition to bathroom design. It can help personalize bathroom interiors, blending more functionality and luxury into modern bathroom design.

Asymmetrical dressing tables for small spaces

Vanity dressing table with upholstered chair and round mirror

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