Smart Home Staging to Bring Green Living Ideas into Life and Save Money

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Eco-friendly designs and Green living ideas are modern trends. Everyone knows about efforts to preserve natural resources, improving ecology, and climate changes. Everyone wants to contribute to Green living while finding new ways to live in comfort and save money on utility bills. Here are simple and easy home staging tips to help yourself and the planet.

Green living ideas reflect our care for the environment. Smart devices from experts will help to reduce water and energy consumption at home,  conserve resources, and save money that we can spend on fun activities. We all can reduce water and energy waste, reuse, recycle, and live in harmony with nature.

How to make your backyard eco-friendly in winter

Green roofs, sustainable architectural designs, rooftop gardens

Root cellar design ideas, eco-friendly food storage ideas

Green living ideas to save money

Energy-efficient windows, cozy window bench with cushions

Reducing energy waste

1. Make sure you have new windows and doors that close tightly.

Window curtains help save money, energy, heat

2. Use window curtains that save 10% of heat at night.

3. Choose energy-efficient lighting fixtures.

Top eco-friendly houseplants for Green home decorating

How to build eco-homes on a budget

The green design turning gray paving stones into green

4. Install and use dimmers.

Modern lighting fixtures with dimmers

5. Consider an induction cooker and energy-efficient kitchen appliances.

6. Use lids when cooking to reduce cooking times.

Induction cooker design

7. Turn on kitchen fans only when need them.

8. Use a dishwasher when it is fully loaded. Turn off the drying cycle, open the dishwater to dry plates and glasses naturally.

9. Clean the fridge back panel and coils from dust to make it work efficiently.

Keeping clean fridge coils

10. Defrost foods inside a fridge to keep cold inside and save energy.

Defrosting in the fridge to save money, energy

11. Do laundry less, if possible, and use a laundry machine for the entire load.

12. Dry laundry naturally, the old way, on racks and lines.

Full loads save money, energy, water

13. Turn off electrical appliances and computers when you are away to save money and 10% of energy.

14. Turn off outdoor lights and room lights when you do not need them.

Modern lighting

Saving water

1. Decrease your teeth brushing, bathing, and showering times.

2. Turn off the water while brushing your teeth.

3. Use efficient bathroom and kitchen faucets and showerheads to save up to 40% of water.

Water-saving fixtures, smart-faucets

4. Turn off the water while cleaning dirty pans and pots of burnt food.

5. Take a shower instead of a bath more often.

Modern shower, water-saving showerhead, bathroom faucet

6. Reuse and recycle water. After washing vegetables, use the water for watering houseplants.

Collecting water after washing vegetables and fruits

7. Collect cold water coming from the hot water pipe and use it for household chores.

Water saving, recycling

Helping the planet

1. Sort used household items, packaging, and food waste.

Kitchen storage and organization, recycling bins for sorting waste and packaging

2. Reuse and recycle what you can.

3. Take items to a recycling center.

4. Buy tableware, furniture, decor accessories, and clothes made of eco-friendly and recycled materials.

5. Reuse, recycle, and upcycle home furnishings and packaging, like plastic bags, bottles, containers.

Tabletop garden

6. Grow a miniature garden, a vegetable garden, a container garden with edible herbs, or a decorative vertical garden with small plants and flowers.

7. Donate items you do not need to local communities, keeping them away from landfills.

Used clothes, donation


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