25 Rake Storage Ideas Creating Unique Vintage Style Accents for Modern Home Decorating

how to reuse and recycle rakes for storage and organization


Old rakes are great for creative storage ideas. Rusty metal and worn look  of old rakes can add unique vintage style accents to modern home decorating. Lushome shares a collection of smart storage ideas that reuse, recycle and repurpose old rakes, creating wonderful, stylish and modern decorations for home interiors and outdoor rooms.

The functionality of rake storage solutions is amazing. There are so many clever ways to reuse, recycle and repurpose old rakes in your home, office or yard. Salvaged wood rakes and metal gardening tools offer very interesting, practical and modern ideas for making unusual home organizers and decorating kitchens, entryways, sheds and walls.

Old rakes are fantastic for making unique vintage style accents. Salvaged wood or metal rakes can be refreshed with paint and used for many creative applications. These gardening tools look like created for storage and make functional home organizers. They can hold books and glasses, jewelry and shoes, towels and scarves, purses and kitchen utensils. Old rakes can help organize small gardening tools and make unique curtain rods for home decorating.

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Recycling old gardening tools for garden decorations, creative backyard ideas

Recycling rakes for home organizers

Ideas to reuse and recycle rakes for home organizers and cheap decorations in vintage style

Rakes can be used for DIY home organizers and can be easily transformed into art pieces bringing unique vintage style accents to modern home decorating. Combined with natural ropes, ribbons or lace, old rakes look charming and spectacular as house plants holders.

You can make dish dryers and jewelry organizers, entryway wall hooks and shower organizers. With a protective layer, an old rake can be exposed to water. Old rakes are convenient for creative storage ideas. Clothing, bags, umbrellas, keys, scarves, shoes, mittens and hats can be stored on rakes.

Garage organizers recycling old rakes

Large and small rakes can be used for different functions, but all these old gardening tools can find a nice spot in your home. You can make original book shelves with rakes or create gorgeous displays of family photographs, vintage postcards and retro prints.

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Small gardening tools can be organized on rakes. Small planters hanging on wooden or metal racks look beautiful, adding charming and unique vintage style accents to yard landscaping and backyard designs. Rakes make fabulous wall decorations in vintage style, and your can reuse, recycle and repurpose rakes for curtain rods, bringing vintage style into your outdoor rooms.

Shower organizers recycling old rakes

There are numerous ways to reuse and recycle salved wood or metal rakes for modern home decorating, storage and organization. Unleash your imagination, experiment and create with old rakes before getting rid of them, and make original, stylish and interesting handmade decorations or home organizers in vintage style for your beautiful home decorating.

Curtain rods

Curtain rod recycling old metal rake

Shoe storage

Shoe racks recycling rakes

Kitchen storage ideas

Drying dish rack recycling salvaged wood rakes

Wall decorations and home organizers

Jewelry organizers recycling racks and adding unique vintage style accents to home decorating

Yard decorations

Recycling old rakes for yard decorations

Creative home organizers

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