20 Canopy Beds for Kids Room Design

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Kids beds with canopies look very romantic and vintage. Baby beds and toddler beds with canopies are perfect for kids room design in vintage style, and these beds designs can be used for traditional and contemporary bedroom decorating also. Lushome collection of modern ideas for canopy beds provides great inspirations for kids room design and decorating using these furniture items.

Canopy beds came from Medieval times when castles were cold, and heavy curtains were draped over the beds to keep out drafts. Today kids beds with canopies look romantic and unique, but stay functional also. Baby beds and toddler beds with canopies retain warmth and feel very cozy. Canopies can be change with seasons, replacing heavy fabrics with light curtains for spring and summer.

Kids room design with a canopy bed looks amazing. Modern ideas for canopies offer beautiful decorating fabrics for girls and boys, creating comfortable retreats for teenage girls and young children of both genders. Baby beds and toddler beds with canopies look especially charming.

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Kids beds with canopies

Boy toddler bed and room decorating ideas

Canopy beds for kids and adults are mysterious and comfortable. Associated with wealth and warmth in Medieval times, these modern furniture pieces look gorgeous in modern kids rooms with central heating, air conditioning and screen windows protecting rooms from bugs. Canopy beds for kids are decorative accents that transform room design and create intimate and luxurious atmosphere.

Girl room design and boys bedrooms with canopy beds make children feel like the luckiest, richest and very special little girls and boys on the block. Soft and beautiful fabrics add wonderful details to these beds designs and allow to personalize kids room design in many creative ways.

Girls bedroom decorating with canopy bed and pink colors

Fabrics are not the only option for making canopies for beds. Sheen and light, heavy and cozy, decorating fabrics add color, pattern and texture to kids room design and beautify girl room decor and boys bedrooms with interesting prints. The canopies in kids beds can be built of wood or wrought iron. They can hang from the ceiling or built frames, and look very soft and tender on baby beds and toddler beds.

25 glamorous canopy beds designs for romantic and modern bedroom decorating

Large hammock bed with a canopy

Creative girl room design or boy room decor with a canopy bed provide great opportunities to give unique character to kids rooms. Canopies can be attractively incorporated into popular boys room decor and add spectacular details to girls bedroom. A tree house theme bed and space traveling theme, safari adventure and tropical rainforest prints can adorn canopy design for boys room decor.  A low canopy may feel like a cave or a tent in a jungle.

Modern ideas for canopy beds in contemporary style

Floral designs and birds images, butterflies decorations and twinkling stars are great prints for canopy beds that can adorn girls room design. Using a light canopy and giving your little girls a charming theme create a pleasant ambiance and enrich girls bedroom decorating by adding nice colors and soft texture of fabrics.

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Make your little boys and girls feel like astronauts or divers. African adventures, underwater life, ocean voyages, gorgeous trees and wild animals are great boys and girls bedroom decorating themes.

Boho chic for girls bedroom decorating with canopy bed

Canopy beds designs are unique and exciting for kids room design. Canopy beds make little boys and girls feel like kings and queens in their manors with a customized castle beds equipped with fabulous, romantic and cozy canopies.

Canopy bed for girls and boys room decor

Toddlers beds with canopies

Baby beds with canopies

Canopy beds for girls bedroom decorating

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