How to Create Designer Gardens, Personal Touches for Modern Garden Designs

harmonious small garden design
Simplicity and harmony, small garden design


A designer garden is a unique masterpiece. It differs from ordinary garden designs in many ways. Designer gardens are personal reflections of observation of gorgeous plants that change with the seasons. Designer gardens are the latest trends in yard landscaping, and the Lushome collection of ideas shows how to achieve these fabulous results.
Check it out and steal your favorite garden design ideas to create unique outdoor living spaces.

Designer gardens look beautiful without green lawns and often feature grass areas for playing with kids. Functionality and simplicity blend with local plants and create unique garden designs that reflect their designers’ views and perceptions. Mixing textures and colors are the latest trends in garden design. Colorful mixes of plants create very decorative, almost all-year blooming gardens.

Unique garden decorations and yard landscaping ideas

Latest trends in decorating outdoor living spaces

Top garden design trends, modern yard landscaping ideas

Personalizing modern garden design ideas

Comfortable outdoor seating area

Perfect imperfections

Flower beds with your favorite blooms are a way to a unique designer garden. Well-trimmed evergreen plants and bright color combinations add beauty to modern garden designs. At the same time, perfect imperfections and monochromatic green colors look natural and beautiful in modern gardens.

Green roofs and rooftop gardens

Modern backyard ideas and trends in decorating outdoor rooms

Low-maintenance and wildlife-friendly garden designs

Dried leaves or flowers, dark spots on green stems, aged wood, and imperfections of gardening materials add to the unique flavor of garden designs. A designer garden is a composition that reflects the distinctive character and lifestyle of the homeowner, the appreciation of nature, and the love to be outdoors.

Stone garden paths around trimmed evergreen shrubs

Harmonious garden designs

All elements of garden designs work together to enhance, beautify and improve the functionality of outdoor living spaces. A house, walkways, stairs, garden paths, architectural designs in a garden, outdoor home decor accessories, and color schemes create a balanced and harmonious combination.

Beautiful garden fountain

Slopes, flat terrains, water features, and lighting design beautifully integrate into the designer’s gardens. Outdoor seating areas and garden furniture show good proportions, and the curves of pathways are naturally beautiful and comfortable. Everything delights, help to relax, and creates harmony.

Vertical garden, infinity fountain, contemporary design ideas

Unique accents

DIY garden decorations and handmade designs are excellent additions to yard landscaping. Original accents amplify the beautiful look of a designer’s garden and create a welcoming, relaxing, and comfortable atmosphere. Intimate garden designs show what homeowners like. Designer gardens are about their dreams and ways to bring joy and pleasure into their lives.

Cameraman, topiary art, original accents in garden design

The designer garden is about personality, unique solutions, and preferences. Your favorite textures, colors, features, and accents, carefully selected and set around your home, give your outdoor living spaces character and create functional and beautiful outdoors that delight with attractive yard landscaping and inviting seating areas that celebrate your personality.

Original garden design, boardwalk, wooden path
Gorgeous small garden design with metal edging and outdoor lights
Contemporary planters, modern container garden design
Modern outdoor lights, beautiful backyard ideas
Simplicity and harmony, small garden design

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