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Embroidered Home Decorations Bringing Natural Theme into Modern Interiors

Unusual handmade home accessories make a statement and add wonderful accents to interior design. Colorful and realistic moths and butterflies decorations bring the natural them into modern interiors and help Deng Shui a home for wealth. Beautiful embroidery, bright colors and fascinating details turn the butterflies decorations into amazing artworks and gorgeous gifts. Lushome presents this amazing embroidery project by…

20 Ideas to Reuse and Recycle Old Wood Windows and Doors for Wall Decorations

Creative ideas to reuse and recycle old wood windows and doors can save lots of money on home decorating and help add fabulous artworks to modern interior design. Lushome shares a collection of design ideas to reuse and recycle salvaged wood windows and doors for unique bed headboards, shelves and modern wall decorations. Old wood windows and not energy efficient,…

20 Modern Wall Decoration Ideas Creating Cable Artworks

Cables can look very attractive on the wall. If you are not sure, check this Lushome collection of creative and wall decoration ideas that show how to to beautify empty walls with cables. These simple and elegant wall decorations can be designed with cables, wall stickers and cable organizers that add color and charming accents to modern wall decoration ideas….

6 Creative Ideas to Reuse and Recycle Giving New Life to Vintage Furniture and Accessories

Creative recycling ideas help declutter homes and transform old items into new and stylish home furnishings. Lushome shares a few simple and modern ideas to reuse and recycle old room furniture, antique lids, fabrics and photographs and use these salvaged treasures for unique and beautiful interior decorating that look charming and original. Antique wooden chairs decorated with handmade chair slipcovers…

20 Modern Wall Decoration Ideas to Reuse, Recycle and Upcycle in Style

Modern wall decoration ideas that reuse and recycle what you have for creating stunning accents are creative and exciting trends in decorating. Anything can be used for wall decorating, from old posts, prints and photographs to vintage building and repair tools, reclaimed wood pieces and baskets. Even moss in bright colors or a vintage saw adorned by colorful patterns make…

11 Creative Ideas for Modern Wall Decoration with Small Cracks and Imperfections

Small cracks can be used as inspirations for modern wall decoration and adding personality with creative designs to home interiors. Lushome recommends a few interesting and modern wall decorating ideas for covering or masking small cracks and imperfections on walls. Surprising and beautiful wall decor ideas demonstrate how your can bring unique character into your office or living spaces. If…

Charming Flower Pot Producing Rain Drops to Water Plants and Flowers

Rainy Pot is a charming flower pot that evokes positive emotions and makes everyone smile. It looks like an ordinary planter, which can be mounted on the wall, and can be used as a Green home decoration. A wonderful detail, a cloud above the wall-mounted planter, makes this flower pot design look interesting and innovative. A white cloud produces rain…

40 DIY Alternative Christmas Trees Adding Fun Wall Decorations to Green Holiday Decor

Alternative Christmas trees offer great inspirations for creative and Green holiday decor. Recycling clutter and junk items for designing a Christmas tree on your empty is a wonderful Green living idea that helps to safe live trees while celebrating Christmas in unusual, contemporary and artistic style. Here is a collection of 40 simple to make, original and unique alternative Christmas…

Modern Interior Decorating, Art Studio Ideas and Inspirations from Yaz Bukey

Modern interior decorating ideas from Yaz Bukey is a blend of expecting with familiar. The artist and designer gives great inspirations for creating unique interior decorating ideas that are colorful, whimsical and elegant and blend them with traditional designs. Her interior decorating ideas are colorful and playful, bringing Parisian chic and style into modern rooms, jewelry and bags design or…

Creative Wall Decoration with Picture Frame and Display Case Shelves

Contemporary display cases and beautiful vintage frames make wonderful decorative shelves. Here is a collection of creative wall decoration ideas that can inspire you to add fabulous accents to your rooms. Recycling small wooden boxes and using wall display cases can add unique details to your wall decoration. Vintage frames transformed into decorative shelves look amazing also. Wall display boxes…

Pear and Apple Decor Ideas to Refresh Modern Home Interiors

Pear and apple decor ideas bring beautiful shapes and wonderful colors into modern home interiors, giving your rooms a vibrant look. Pear or apple decor accessories, from wall decorations to table centerpieces with fall flowers, pears and apples, are gorgeous and versatile, suitable for modern interior decorating in urban or country home style. Inspired by these familiar, juicy and sweet…

22 Ideas to Add Poppy Flower Designs to Home Decorating

Fresh poppy flowers are very tender and do not last long, but they give great inspirations for home decorating with their gorgeous images and bright yellow, orange and red colors. Green and red color combinations evoke a strong physiological reaction. Inspired by poppy flowers, room colors feel exciting and beautiful, romantic and passionate. Poppy flowers bring spectacular floral designs, add…

25 Recycling Ideas Turning Clutter into Creative Wall Decorations

Creative wall decorations are great for personalizing rooms with unique designs. Ideas that reuse and recycle clutter items are perfect for budget decorating. Decluttering and recycling paper, wood and metal ideas, making decorations with fabrics or tableware can make a room look unique and stylish. Used clothes and old fabrics can be used for creating amazing floor rugs and furniture…

DIY Wooden Wall Shelves with Mountains Add Creativity to Functional Wall Decorating

DIY wooden wall shelves inspired by mountains add a simple, elegant and creative design idea to functional wall decorating. Natural wood and simple familiar shapes are amazingly decorative, fresh and attractive, offering great wall decor ideas that are versatile and elegant. A wood craftsman from Carnets Parisiens who lives in a Parisian suburb and dreams of a cottage in the…

Magic Wall Mirror with Color Changing Little Bubbles

This unusual round mirror is designed by Constance Guisset, which original and innovative approach to the design process has won her international favors. The wall mirror is one of interesting workd by the designer and scenographer. The wall mirror from Constance Guisset, www.constanceguisset.com/ is in round shape and with glass bubbles. The decorative mirror is a blend of function and…

30 Modern Wall Decor Ideas Recycling Old Wood Doors for Unique Room Design

Modern wall decor ideas, incorporating old wood doors into room design, look creative, impressive and add an artistic touch to home decorating. Old wood doors are excellent architectural elements that make gorgeous, unusual and beautiful wall decorations in eco style. Old wood doors add interest to modern wall decor and accentuate natural materials, innovative design and your recycling attitude. Vintage…

10 Creative Ideas for Accent Wall Design with Ethnic Wicker Dishes

Ethnic wicker dishes and baskets are very decorative and made of natural materials. They are great material for accent wall design which displays handwooven items in various sizes, shapes and colors. Ethnic wicker dishes come from South Asia and Africa and bring warmth of skillful hands and stunning patterns into interior decorating. Here are 5 creative, practical and impressive ideas…

10 DIY Wall Decor Ideas, Recycled Crafts and Cheap Decorations Adding Interest to Empty Walls

DIY wall decor ideas are cheap and creative alternative ways of blank wall decoration. Simple and cheap craft ideas and easy diy wall decoration projects add interest to empty walls while helping to declutter your interiors

Amazing Handmade Home Decorations Recycling Leather Scraps

Amazing decorative pillows, vases and wall decor created of colorful leather scraps are a creative way of recycling old leather accessories and clothes, bags, gloves, belts and jackets. Leather recycled crafts make gorgeous

25 Wood Decor Ideas Bringing Unique Texture into Modern Interior Design

Wood is a wonderful material for home decorating. Wood add warmth to modern interior design and soften color contrasts. Wood decor is excellent for creating unique rooms in rustic style or interior decorating

Creative Interior Design Ideas Turning Small Rooms into Spacious Modern Interiors

Creative interior design ideas from Design Bureau Redo Studio, based in Minsk, Belarus change linear perspectives and offer open and bright living spaces in contemporary style. Interior designers Yuri Alehno

20 Wonderful Fall Leaves Crafts for KIds Room Decorating

There are lots of easy crafts that make kids happy and create beautiful wall decorations for kids rooms. Simple and humorous kids designs, recycling colorful autumn leaves, are excellent for cheap and creative kids room

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