Modern Wall Decorating with Rugs, Top 10 Interior Trends

contemporary rugs interior decorating ideas
Wood furniture, contemporary wall rug in neutral colors, textured design, modern interior decorating



Rugs on walls are a modern interior trend that brings retro-modern ideas into homes. Well-forgotten old interior decorating ideas have evolved, offering a new twist in contemporary wall design. Wall rugs are fabulous decorative accessories that turn carpets, tapestries, and area rugs into bold, beautiful wall decorations. Here is the Lushome collection of modern ideas showing how to add these accents to your interior decorating.

Wall rugs bring coziness, unique textures, and captivating graphic designs into interiors. Today, you can find the perfect carpet for your room in any style. From ancient designs to contemporary patterns, these gorgeous accents are stylish wall decorations that make your interiors warm, calm, and original.

Modern rugs for empty walls and floor decoration

The latest trends in contemporary rugs

Modern flooring ideas and interior trends, contemporary carpets

Modern ideas for wall decorating with rugs

Modern rugs in interior decorating

A wall carpet can visually separate zones in large living spaces. Ethnic-style interior decorating calls for colorful rugs on walls. Carpets perfectly absorb sound and can add beautiful colors to any interior design. However, as with all home textiles, carpets with textured surfaces quickly get dusty and require regular deep cleaning.

Moroccan decor, home accessories, wall decorations

Creative floor rugs, unusual accents in modern interior decorating

Beautifully sculptured contemporary rugs

Modern wall decorating with a rug is versatile and suitable for any room and all interior design styles. Wall rugs allow you to implement unexpected interior decorating ideas, add interest, and bring personality into your rooms.

Rugs with stripes and fringes, interior trends

Modern wall rug styles

1. Asian rugs with images of trees, birds, and mythical heroes, like dragons, feature rich colors.
2. African rug designs come in round, oval, and square shapes and bring original motifs and colorful ornaments.
3. Medieval tapestries delight with faded colors, eye-catching scenes, and soft texture, adding chic accents to modern wall decorating.
3. Arabic rugs are luxurious decorative accessories showcasing intricate patterns interwoven in numerous shades.
4. Contemporary rugs in minimalist style make gorgeous wall decorations that look fabulous on a dining room wall above a bed or living room sofa. Minimalism in color and creative textures add elegant accents to modern interior decorating.
6. Loft-style wall rugs feature simplified designs and imitate scuffs. Muted colors and blurry images make these decorative accessories unique, offering perfect wall decorations for different functional zones in loft spaces.
7. Modern wall carpets show creative designs and abstract patterns in contrasting colors. You can find many attractive and eye-catching rugs for your home decorating.
8. Shabby chic style brings charming home textiles in pastel colors. Wall rugs in shabby-chic style create a cozy atmosphere and fill a room with comfort.
9. Eco-style wall rugs demonstrate the splendid beauty of natural fibers and the creativity of designs made with eco-friendly materials. Wool felt, jute, cotton, silk, linen, leather, and recycled materials turn into beautiful wall decorations in natural colors, like brown shades, gray tones, green grass, and earthy hues.
10. A fusion of styles is among the latest trends in decorating with wall rugs. Design elements of the past organically combine with modern ideas to create spectacular and surprising wall rugs that blend vintage style and retro-modern ideas into eclectic decorative accessories.

Bright carpet design in off-white with red ladybugs, insect themes, modern interior trends

Interior decorating with wall rugs

Contemporary furniture and wall rugs
Modern interior trends, colorful wall rugs with abstract patterns
Contemporary home furnishings
Wood furniture, contemporary wall rug in neutral colors, textured design, modern interior decorating

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