Modern Interior Decorating with Colorful Radiators and Attractive Decorative Screens

how to hide radiators for functional and modern interior design

Cast-iron radiators in vintage style or contemporary room heaters can be used as beautiful accents and artworks in modern interiors. Many homeowners like to put covers over their radiators, but not all covers inhibit heat flow. Enclosures and decorative screens, wooden benches and wall shelves help transform radiators into functional home decorations. Creative painting ideas and bright colors are another way to decorate radiators.

Lushome shares a collection of modern interior decorating ideas that turn radiators into stylish home decorations with bright paint, attractive decoration patterns, art painting and covers. Many homeowners believe that radiators look unappealing, so the collection of creative and colorful ideas can help the readers find the best way of decorating them.

Radiator covers can beautifully hide heaters and help you keep your radiators cleaner. The space between the walls, floor and radiators are dust magnets. Decorative screens and radiator covers cut down on the frequency of cleaning while creating a neat look.

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Entryway benches and radiators, functional and attractive interior design

Interior decorating with radiators screens and covers calls for smart designs which do a good job transmitting most of the heat back into the house. Creating a wooden bench or a wall shelf above a radiator is an age-old design which improves interior decorating and functionality of a room.

A wall shelf can be used for a container with distilled water to provide humidified air to the room. A warm bench is an excellent addition to comfortable and inviting interior decorating. Because wood is a good insulator, wood radiator cover enclosures do not transmit heat to the degree that metal covers do, but wooden benches feel warm and welcoming, creating a favorite place to seat.

Wooden decorative screens and covers for radiators

Bright painting ideas for radiators are contemporary interior decorating tricks which blend radiators with walls or create stunning accents to enhance originality of interiors. Bright painting ideas tend to cost very little, offering great alternatives to expensive radiator covers and decorative screens.

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Painting ideas and radiator enclosures are functional and attractive ways to hide radiators. The choice depends on a desired effect. Radiators can add spectacular accents to colorful interior decorating or become a canvas for art painting, bringing color and unique artworks into rooms.

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  last updated: 02.10.2015