Painting Old Heaters and Cast Iron Radiators, Stylish Accents in Retro Style

decorating wall heaters with paint

Interior decorating and painting ideas, wall heater and wall painting in blue color

Painting old heaters and cast iron radiators is a way to add unique details to modern interiors. Painting is one of easy decorating ideas and a stylish way to add retro accents to room design. Painting old heaters and cast iron radiators refresh home interiors and create eye-catching focal points in dull, lacking any interest rooms.

Creative painting ideas for cast iron radiators, old baseboard heaters, or dated wall heaters can dramatically transform the way rooms look and feel, creating a unique atmosphere of artistic homes. Bright painting ideas and exciting designs are quick ways to blend room heaters into your room decor with matching paint colors and decoration patterns.

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Modern interior decorating, painting radiators

Painting ideas for decorating heaters

Colorful painting ideas to decorate wall radiators and metal room heaters

Painting retro style radiators, old baseboard heaters, or dated wall heaters in the room takes just a few hours and gives a stylish look to your room decor, adding modern paint colors, exciting patterns, or bold designs to your wall decoration.

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Select the right paint color for your baseboard heater or wall heater, matching or complementing color tones, enriching your room decor, and creating harmonious and attractive wall decoration.

Mini pig radiator in purple color, creative design, painting ideas for decorating heaters and radiators

White paint or off-white painting ideas are classic and neutral choices, but bright paint colors make room decor more dynamic and energetic, changing the mood in the room.

Bright painting ideas for decorating cast iron radiators, retro-style accents in modern interiors

Light neutral paint colors,  lighter or darker than wall paint color, help blend old heaters and retro style radiators with the wall and create decorations in elegant style. Bright paint colors, contrasting or complimenting, make a strong statement and a focal point of your interior decorating.

Interior decorating and painting ideas, wall heater and wall painting in blue color

How to paint wall heater or cast iron radiator

1. Before painting old heaters or radiators, turn them off and allow them to cool down. Rub the surface down with wet and dry abrasive paper and clean with warm water with detergent added. Rinse, clean, and dry.

Painting ideas for old heaters and cast iron radiators, white radiator decorated with green leaf patterns

2. Any bare areas should be primed with metal primer paint, protecting from rust and excellent adhesion for subsequent coats.

Blue wall paint color hiding a radiator on the wall

3. You can then paint your heaters or cast iron radiators with solvent-based satin or gloss paints. These paints come in a wide range of colors, allowing painting old heaters or cast iron radiators in matching your interior decorating color, selecting matching or complimenting your wall color paint.

Purple radiator and wall paint color

4. Allow the paint to fully dry before turning wall heaters or cast iron radiators on. When you do so for the first time, you may experience a paint smell – this is normal and will quickly disappear.

Bright yellow radiator paint color, gray wall
Blue radiator and wall paint color

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