Amazing Room Heater Design, Teplosaurus from Art Lebedev Studio

dinosaur shaped radiator in black color
Dinosaur shaped cast iron radiator in black color



Room heater Teplosaurus brings a unique theme into creative, original and modern interior decorating. Unusual appliances look like dinosaurs skeletons, offering playful and unique design for whimsical room decorating. The room heaters can be used for empty wall decoration, as artworks and room dividers which add a unique flavor to interior design.

These room heaters so different and impressive that can become a focal point of interior decorating. Colorful painting or decorating with clothes turn this unusual room heater design into modern art, perfect for jazzing up contemporary room interiors, especially kids rooms and teenage bedrooms.

Art.Lebedev Studio from Russia developed this unusual and impressive design as an alternative to traditional, dull or boring room heating appliances.

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Teplosaurus heater consists of many elements shaped like dinosaurs skull, spine, ribs, legs and tail bones, offering striking design for room decorating.

Small elements of this room heater enormously increase the warm surface area and functionality of the design. Teplosaurus heater is made of cast iron and can be mounted instead of an ordinary floor radiator.

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