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22 Modern Office Designs with Personality

office furniture and interior decorating for modern offices

Modern office designs provide great inspirations for creating efficient, comfortable and stylish working spaces. Classic and contemporary office furniture come in all shapes, materials, styles and sizes. Custom made office furniture, especially storage furniture and office desks, maximize small spaces and offer great office design ideas for homes. Contemporary office designs impress with cool ideas, surprising details and stunning wall…

15 Space Saving Ideas for Small Home Office Designs

small offices, interior design and decorating ideas

Space saving ideas for storage and smart home office designs help maximize small rooms while efficiently using valuable living spaces. All large and small rooms give great opportunities for a thoughtful designer. Hallways and kitchens, bedrooms and dining rooms have hidden extra spaces for small home designs that can be discovered. Lushome shares wonderful space saving home staging tips and…

20 Space Saving Office Designs with Functional Work Zones for Two

home office for two, interior design ideas

Modern home office designs that allow comfortably share a room with two work spaces by two people are one of latest trends that reflect eco -friendly, energy efficient and space saving ideas in interior design. Designing a new office or transforming your old office into a modern work space for two includes good space planning in accordance with the locations…

Unusual Wooden Office Desk with Creative Channel Shaped Storage Shelf

modern tables, designer furniture for home office

This is an unusual office furniture design idea. The Homework desk, created by Tomas Kral, has a very unique, creative and practical storage shelf. An aluminum feature is shaped like a channel and built in around three sides of the desk to hold books, papers and accessories while preventing pens and pencils to fall from the table top. A cast…

15 Small Home Office Designs Saving Energy, Space and Creating Great Work Areas for Two

small home office interior design for two people

Small home office designs are great for creating more energy-efficient and eco friendly homes. Good space planning, comfortable office furniture and creative decor ideas can turn even a small room into a productive, functional, comfortable and elegant small home office. Here is a collection of interior design ideas for small spaces, creating beautiful small home office designs with neutral and…

15 Modern Home Office Designs Enhanced with Space Saving Storage Ideas

home office furniture and storage ideas

Modern home office designs are a popular topic, as many people prefer to work from home and want to design stylish, comfortable and efficient working space. Home office design is about productivity, pleasant look and comfortable feel. Convenient storage, large working areas, good lighting design and ergonomic office furniture are the most important considerations when you plan your home office….

Unique Furniture Design Ideas Blending Supercar Carbon Fiber into Modern Interiors

designer furniture made with carbon fiber and suede, office furniture design ideas

These unique furniture pieces bring the excitement and performance of a supercar, blending gorgeous design into modern interiors. Designer furniture from John & Table looks exclusive, elegant and chic, offering expensive and spectacular centerpieces for modern interior design. The Race Table is made of carbon fiber, trimmed in leather and Alcantara, the materials that turn quite a few high-end performance…

Space Saving Built in Office Furniture in Corners Personalizing Modern Interior Design

small home office designs with built in furniture in corners

Corner furniture looks great and offer wonderful ideas for space saving interior design. Ready to assemble office furniture or built-in corner office desks and bookcases are wonderful ways to personalize interior design and maximize space in small rooms. Office furniture for corners perfectly fit in a classic, traditional or contemporary minimalist room style, creating more spacious, functional, comfortable and modern…

30 Corner Office Designs and Space Saving Furniture Placement Ideas

space saving ideas and furniture placement for small home office design

Home offices become ideas work spaces for those who enjoy work from home. Many people decide to change their lifestyle and add a home office to their apartments and houses, creating functional and comfortable rooms for work from home. Designing a home office is not a simple task, especially if you live in a small apartment or home. Here is…

Small Home Office Cabinets Enhancing Space Saving Interior Design

home office cabinets with computer desk and storage shelves

Home office cabinets are versatile and beautiful solutions for small home office designs. There are many home office designs that are functional, comfortable and attractive, but home office in a cabinet is space saving idea that is great for contemporary interior design or relaxing cottage decor. Modern office furniture provides good storage and organization, improving productivity and keeping home offices…

Modern Home Office Furniture on Wheels Allowing Flexible Interior Design

office furniture, computer desks, storage cabinets and chairs on casters

Office furniture on wheels are available today in different styles, models, weight carrying limits and sizes. Home office furniture on casters are convenient, space saving and practical ideas that allow to create flexible interior design and improve the functionality of small spaces. There are three kinds of office furniture casters that feature different wheels design. Single wheel casters are great…

22 Built In Home Office Designs Maximizing Small Spaces

small home office designs in closets and with built in furniture

There are many people who live in small apartments and homes, where no room for a home office. Space saving ideas for storage, built-in office designs and small furniture are great solutions for decorating small apartments and homes. A small office maybe do not leave much room for furnishing, but can be functional, comfortable and stylish. A large home office…

Cabinet Like Writing Desk Creating Modern Workstation in Any Room

wooden furniture for small office in room

This cabinet-like writing desk is a great ideas for creating private working spaces and DIY modern workstations. The Forming The Border desk with cabinet doors create a little privacy when it is time to study or get down to business. Designed by Juhui Cho, the writing desk is a modern self-contained workspace that allows to concentrate. The student desk features…

Modular Furniture for Small Rooms and Office Designs in Style

modern interior design with modular furniture

Modern furniture for small rooms decorating allows to create spacious and functional living spaces in elegant style and defines your interior design with contemporary textures and trendy room colors. The Smallroom collection of modern furniture pieces from OFFECCT, is a great solution for decorating small apartments and offices. Designed by Ineke Hans, this modular furniture system includes three major…

Modern Office Furniture from Scandinavian Designers Winning Red Dot Awards

office chairs and coaches for modern office decorating

Modern office furniture in Scandinavian style from Studio Mikko Laakkonen, Finland and Scandinavian Business Seating AS, Norway won the Red Dot awards for the best office furniture design ideas which allow to create working and resting areas in elegant, comfortable, attractive and space-saving style. The tables, coaches and chairs in original shapes and pleasant colors look bright and comfortable, taking…

Wooden Office Desk with Convenient Small Storage Compartments for All Little Things

modern office furniture and storage

A wooden office deck in minimalist style from Samuel Accoceberry is a great furnishing item for designing a contemporary home office. Simple and elegant, the contemporary office deck Landa features smart storage spaces yet smart desk, adding comfort to small home office interiors. The Landa office desk is a perfect office furniture item which hides the wires and electric cables,…

Standing Task Chair, Ergonomic Chair Design Improving your Health

standing ergonomic chair, office furniture design idea

Standing task chair is an ergonio0mic chair design created to protect and improve your health. Standing chairs and standing table designs are getting popular. The Standing Task Chair allows to work improving your health while standing at the table. The Standing Task Chair is an ergonomic chair design that encourages proper weight distribution. The chair takes the load off your…

Summer Decorating Ideas Bringing Bright Room Colors into Home Office Designs

home office designs and bright room colors for summer decorating

Summer decorating brings light room colors and brightness into modern home office designs, creating cheerful and stylish interiors for work. Bright room colors, combined with lots of natural light and effective artificial lighting ideas improve mood, increase productivity and create a perfect atmosphere for working from home and taking care of family business. Natural light and bright room colors, like…

25 Small Home Office Designs Creating Functional and Modern Work Spaces

small writing desk and chair

Modern home office designs with functional decor, effective lighting and comfortable office furniture are productive and stylish. Here is a collection of 25 small home office designs that show fresh decorating ideas forĀ  your small working space at home. Creative interior design ideas, stylish office furniture and decor accessories, storage and organization help create wonderful place to increase your productivity…

Contemporary Computer Desk and Swivel Chair from Dutch Designers

computer desk and swivel chair

Dutch designers from Studio Makkink & Bey have combined a computer desk with shelves and a swivel chair in contemporary style, creating a functional and modern workspace unit in a single multi-functional furniture piece. The contemporary computer desk with storage and a swivel chair are designed for Dutch Brand PROOFF. The design allows the chair to rotate ninety degrees and…

15 Attic Remodeling and Redesign Ideas Creating Modern Home Office Designs

office design for two with bright chairs and floor rug

Attic redesign is a great way to maximize your living spaces and add a comfortable home office to your home. Many companies allow people to work at home. If you are self-employed, you may be able to take a tax deduction

Asymmetrical Dressing Tables and Writing Desks for Small Spaces, Contemporary Furniture Design

wood furniture, contemporary writing desk for small spaces

Contemporary dressing tables and writing desks designed for Ligne Roset bring functional asymmetry into furniture design. Asymmetry gives familiar bedroom and home office furniture pieces a fresh and stylish look

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