Unusual Magnets, Creative and Functional Kitchen Accessories

colorful magnets with food images

Colorful magnets with food images that create the food list, functional kitchen accessories


Colorful and decorative magnets are popular items for fridge door decoration. Unique and creative, attractive and easy to use Food List magnets from Russian design studio De.Bur. are not only decorative, but functional and very helpful in the kitchen.

The set of magnets with images of food is a colorful fridge door decoration that helps create the food list on the fridge door. Instead of writing the food list, you can move small magnets on the fridge door, creating your groceries list.

Simple colorful magnets with food images come in the box, which you can take to your grocery store and make sure you buy all food you need.

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Colorful magnets with food images that create the food list, functional kitchen accessories

Fridge door magnets, labeled Milk, Winners, Sweets, Bananas, Juice, Tea, Coffee, Fish, Meat, etc. include thirty three items in different colors.

Already Been Chewed magnets are another magnet design idea from a young American designer Hillary. Her set of colorful magnets for fridge door decoration is provocative and surprising, offering unusual handmade decorations.

Bubble gum like colorful magnets made of clay

Already Been Chewed magnets are made of clay and available from etsy.com, which offer many other interesting home decorations. Bubble gum-like magnets cost $5 for the set of three magnets.

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Charming magnets that shaped like water drops from Sangwoo Nam make beautiful home decorations. Small and functional Wall Of Fame magnets add light and shine of pretty water drops, offering unique fridge door decoration.

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An unusual and simple magnet Flower In Flat, shaped like a small vase,  is a beautiful, functional and contemporary fridge door decoration from 25togo, that allows to add small flowers or branches with green leaves to kitchen decor.

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Chocolate Sweet Magnet design idea from MollaSpace will add attractive and familiar images of favorite sweet treats to fridge door decoration.

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Chocolate magners for sweet fridge door decoration

Chocolate Sweet Magnet set costs $18 and include fifteen small magnets. Made of wax, chocolate magnets look very realistic, creating attractive and sweet fridge door decoration.

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