Red Interior Colors Adding Passion and Energy to Modern Interior Design

red wall paint color

Red wall paint color and white chair upholstery fabric


Red interior colors bring drama, energy and passion into modern interior design. Red accent walls, floor, ceiling or furnishings have a strong emotional meaning and are ideal for making dramatic statements. Within the color wheel, interior design colors and feelings go hand-in-hand and can make or break your perfect room design and decorating.

Color psychology and color meanings enrich interior design. It is important to understand the historical color meanings and use them in creative and meaningful ways. Red colors are powerful and attractive. From hot red color shades to rich and dark red colors, all red colors automatically stirs us to action. Modern interior design and decorating ideas that include red paint colors or wallpaper patterns in red colors, furniture and decor accessories in red colors, excites us, invigorating our metabolism and stirring the energetic spirit within subconscious mind.

Interior design colors determine the way a room feels. Red accent walls, ceiling, floor and home furnishings make people feel active, passionate and energetic in a room. By paying attention to the amount of red colors used in interior design, you can control a powerful and subtle element of your room decorating.

Modern interior design with red red colors

Red accent color in modern interior design and decorating, blue and red interior colors

The color red is historically seen in the romantic red roses and red blood of the hunt. Red colors are associated with a warm fireplace and an explosion of a volcano. Danger and passion are blended in red colors, and these color shades excite people when they see red color. Modern interior design and decorating ideas that include red colors are ideal for those who enjoy moving, acting and doing, blending furious and passionate into dynamic rooms.

One of the main effects the red color creates is that it speeds up the metabolism and encourage to speak and move faster. People eat and talk more in the presence of red colors, loosing more weight, because interior design with red colors encourages to spend more energy. Red interior colors create an invigorating effect and force people to take action. Interior design and decorating with red colors make people to take chances and come up with decisions rapidly. Bedroom decorating with red colors makes it easy to wake up in the morning, but more difficult to fall asleep at night.

Red accent wall design, living room decorating with red colors

Red interior colors are passionate and provocative. For people who are already argumentative, interior design and decorating with bold red color shades are not the best choices. Red colors are a way to add passionate and romantic interior colors to your rooms. Comfortable and modern interior design and decorating that include hot red colors are not just bright and exciting, but can bring more loving feelings into people life.

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Red color meanings and color psychology

Room colors can say a lot about your personality, interior design and decorating preferences and your personal style. Red interior colors bring strong emotions and powerful energy into modern interior design. Red interior colors are known to raise blood pressure, increase respiration, and boost metabolism. A red accent draws attention.

Red accent color for bedroom design, red bed headboard upholstery fabric

Light red color shades used in modern interior design to stimulate passion, sensitivity and sexuality, and make decor feel romantic and impressive. Dark red accent colors enrich modern interior design and decor with stunning, luxurious and deep shades.

Modern kitchen design in revolutionizing bold red color

Modern kitchen design with bold red accent walls and stainless steel details

Modular Hood Lamp in bright red color for exciting dining room decorating

Bold red colors are excellent for modern interior design and decor with bold personality. Red interior colors are associated with stimulation and pleasure. By utilizing the red color psychology for interior design, you can incorporate red color shades into dining room decorating and bedroom design. Deep red colors, terra cotta, pastel and dull red tones evoke muted feelings of desire.

Red wall paint color and white chair upholstery fabric

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