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childrens bedroom furniture modern kids bunk beds


Modern childrens beds look like cute little houses. Every child likes to have a cozy corner to hide, read and relax, play and share secrets with friends. Comfortable childrens beds with a play zone, shelves and writing desks are great, functional and space saving furniture  items for small kids bedroom designs.

Modern bunk beds with playful parts and beautiful decoration offer comfort and fun to modern kids. Childrens bedroom furniture will become favorite kids toys that add energy, style and color to kids bedroom designs. Contemporary childrens beds provide comfortable sleeping places with a play zone, creative and decorative storage ideas and even a bed for a sleepover guest.

German company Paidi, have worked at childrens beds for 70 years, developing comfortable, functional and stylish childrens bedroom furniture for kids. Creative ideas, new materials, child friendly design surprise and impress kids and their parents. Childrens bedroom furniture from Paidi are beautiful items that offer seven ways to add fun to modern kids bedroom designs.

Green-orange childrens bedroom furniture, kids bunk beds with top bed tent and curtains

Childrens beds for modern kids bedroom designs

Kids bunk beds are great furniture items for small spaces and spacious kids bedroom designs. Kids bunk beds are functional, interesting, playful and space saving kids bedroom ideas.

Wood childrens beds with indoor rock climbing board, modern kids room designs

Often parents buy bunk beds for twins or two kids in the family, but bunk beds are a great choice for a single child also. (Kids bedroom furniture, practical and solid design for kids)

Kids bunk beds with half-size top tent, modern childrens beds from Germany for playful kids room designs

Children bunk beds can be easily transformed into single beds with a study or playing area under the top bed. In this case bunk beds save a lot of free space in kids bedroom for fun activities.

Yellow-green colors for bright kids bedroom designs, wood childrens beds, kids bunk beds at right angle

Modern childrens beds features to look for

Modern childrens beds offer many playful and useful features to modern kids for studding, playing and exercising in an enjoyable way:

– writing desks and shelves
– sliding board for games
– half size and full size top tents with useful pockets
– adjustable basketball hoop
– large wooden storage box, sliding under the bed
– small indoor rock climbing board
– sliding on the floor bed for a guest
– playful curtains for creating cozy corner under the top bed
– cushions for a day bed

Kids room decor, playful furniture design for children
Kids furniture, functional design for fun and smiles

Modern childrens beds, sliding guest bed design for kids, modern childrens bedroom furniture for two, red-blue kids room

Best childrens bedroom furniture for your kids

Childrens bedroom furniture, neutral and bright color combination
Modern kids furniture, playful kids rooms decorating ideas

1. When parents look at bunk beds, they see childrens bedroom furniture items that have their height. For kids bunk beds look twice higher.

Contemporary childrens beds, kids bunk beds with basketball hoop and under bed storage box

The ceiling height is only one and a half of an average adult height, but for children the ceiling looks 5-3 times higher than kids themselves. For small kids it is a real challenge and an adventure to sleep on the top bed.

2. A kid needs to feel safe and comfortable with childrens bedroom furniture pieces, including kids bunk beds, before parents buy them, psychologists suggest.

Childrens beds, girls bedroom desigs in pink color, bunk beds with pink curtains and top bed tent

3. Psychologists recommend parents to avoid buying childrens bedroom furniture, especially childrens beds, that are too big for their kids, in spite of the fact that it is money saving solution.

4. Parents need to select childrens bedroom furniture items that are designed and built for a certain age, creating more comfortable, special and enjoyable kids room designs.

Kids bunk beds with shelves and under bed storage boxes, modern kids room designs, wood childrens furniture

5. Growing with kids furniture, – bunk beds, desks, chairs, shelves and other childrens bedroom furniture items, that is designed to increase the length and height gradually are great for creating comfortable, functional and personal kids room designs and pleasant environment for children.

Ergonomic desk for young kids study area
Kids furniture, kids activity table design for animal lovers

Wood childrens bedroom furniture, kids bunk beds with a desk, shelf and curtains

  by Ena Russ   

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