Modern Trends in Decorating for Christmas and Winter Holidays

santa shoes in red and green
Red and green decorations, Santa ornaments in vintage style



Latest trends in decorating influence Christmas colors and ornaments, offering modern ideas for creating fantastic winter holidays. Fresh and stylish winter decorating lifts the spirit, celebrates the season’s beauty and creates a joyful atmosphere. Two-color Christmas tree decorations are lovely themes of the past. Now Christmas designs bring many shades and allow us to admire traditional Christmas tree decorating ideas and alternative Christmas trees in various colors. Lushome is sharing the main trends in decorating for Christmas and offering a beautiful collection of holiday ornaments to demonstrate modern ideas.

Contemporary Christmas decoration stretches the horizons of creativity. Multi-colored garlands, Christmas lights, and handmade tree decorations are popular, but Christmas ornaments in monochromatic colors are one of the most elegant trends in decorating for the winter holidays. Light yellow, earthy yellow color shades, golden, brownish yellow hues, traditional red and green colors, and elegant black and white are modern color choices that create fabulous Christmas trees blending luxury and optimism into lush green branches.

Space-saving up-side-down Christmas trees

21 modern ideas to create alternative holiday trees and recycle clutter

Christmas trends for decorating in winter

Original Christmas tree design with hanging balls from the triangular frame

1. Live plants and branches

Cacti adding a desert vibe to winter decorating

25 ideas to design succulent Christmas trees for the Green holidays

Potted trees and Green holiday decor ideas

Succulents and evergreen shrubs are beautiful, eco-friendly alternative Christmas trees. Decorated with traditional ornaments, original accents in a contemporary style, or handmade Christmas decorations, these alternative Christmas trees look creative and festive. Tinsels and garlands made of dry fruits, berries, pine cones, or paper garlands are excellent Green holiday decorations for large and miniature shrubs.

Winter holiday decor, red Christmas balls, green branches
Cacti decorated with colorful Christmas lights

2. Crafts

18 creative craft ideas for winter decorating

Denim fabric craft ideas

Handmade dolls, small toys, Christmas garlands made with beads, pearls, and dry fruits, paper crafts, and ornaments created with cardboard, hay, twines, felt, silk, cotton or wool fabrics, wax, and wood crafts look unusual and original, creating a warm atmosphere in holiday homes. Jean fabric ornaments are among the latest trends in Christmas decorating.

Christmas tree decorations recycling jean fabric
Miniature Christmas trees in bright colors

3. Vintage style

12 elegant Christmas trends

Retro modern holiday decorations and ornaments in retro styles are classy choices to support the beautiful tradition of Christmas tree decorating. Nostalgic and classic designs, little houses, horses, birds, butterflies, fish, puppies, snowflakes, and snowmen are ideal for beautiful retro holiday decor. Stars, hearts-decorations, ballerinas, clowns, elephants, and Chrystal pine cones look charming on festive branches. Textured Christmas balls, tiny planes, trains, cars, animals, fish, mushrooms, flowers, and glass or china figurines enhance the chic and classic atmosphere of the winter decorating season. Glass Christmas balls with little toys, golden leaves, animals, or branches inside are ideal accents for modern Christmas decor.

Red and green decorations, Santa ornaments in vintage style
Original stand for hanging holiday decorations, miniature Christmas trees in white

4. Traditional Christmas balls with a twist

Smart ways to decorate with Xmas ornaments

These beautiful winter holiday decorations never go out of style. Attractive bowls, vases, and glasses filled with Christmas balls in golden colors are a fantastic way to decorate for winter. Chandeliers, wall shelves, fireplaces, ceilings, doors, and staircases look festive, adorned with large and small Christmas balls. Trimmed with lace or textured designs, Christmas balls are the traditional favorites of winter holiday decor.


Alternative Christmas tree designed with suspended blue balls
Black and white Christmas tree decorating in Ombre style

5. Recycling and original design ideas

Paper crafts, handmade snowflakes

Alternative Christmas trees, which turn unusual objects into original holiday decorations, are modern trends in decorating. Step ladders, old wooden ladders, books, driftwood pieces, dry branches, and food are unusual materials for creating stylish and unique Christmas tree designs. Upside-down Christmas trees work as giant chandeliers at night. Wall Christmas tree designs, drawings on black chalkboards, or creations made with buttons, wooden planks, ribbons, pompoms, knitted Christmas trees, and designs recycling plastic or paper clutter are modern, cheap ideas for Green Christmas and winter holidays.

Egg package Xmas tree with colorful pompoms and white snowflakes
Winder holiday decor, Christmas tree on step risers

6. Stepladder centerpieces

Alternative Christmas tree designs, functional stepladders, or striking holiday decorations?

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