Alternative Christmas Tree Designs Turning Step Ladders into Fun Holiday Decorations

alternative christmas tree decorating ideas
Step ladder with shelves, alternative Christmas tree decorating



Alternative Christmas trees are one of the most popular trends this holiday season. Instead of cutting down a beautiful tree or buying a Christmas tree you can do something completely different, eco-friendly, amazingly creative and money saving. Original and cheap ideas produce surprising designs that turn functional step ladders into a beautiful and unique Christmas tree. Saving money and exploring your creative side you help the environment and design festive, brilliant, original, and Green holiday decor.

Creating a Christmas tree out of an ugly step ladder will help reuse and recycle Christmas decorations you have at home. The design is surprising, so there is no need to buy new ornaments for the winter holidays. You will save money and discover fabulous ideas to use your step ladder in a new way for years. Making beautiful, unusual, and festive Christmas tree decor every winter will cost you nothing.

Alternative Christmas tree designs recycling paper, cardboard, and wood

Ways to reuse books for alternative Christmas tree designs

Ladder holiday decor

Creative and Green holiday decor, alternative Christmas tree in golden colors

1. Decorating a step ladder

You may want to paint your step ladder before decorating it.  Any color you like will work for extravagant and impressive winter holiday decor. Matching decor colors with existing Christmas ornaments or creating a striking contrast with your tinsels and decorations are excellent ideas for brightening up your alternative Christmas tree design.

Painted white and red wooden ladder with red Christmas balls

2. Ladder Christmas tree placement

Find a safe place for a step ladder, away from the traffic, kids, and pets, and start decorating it with your favorite ornaments, light strings, and handmade Christmas decorations.

Creative ideas for alternative Christmas trees

Inspiring designs for alternative Christmas trees

3. Adding shelves

You can place wood boards on the steps and create nice shelves for displaying pictures, winter figurines, soft toys, candles, and Christmas cards.

Stepladder with shelves, alternative Christmas tree decorating

4. Christmas theme

Mix small and large ornaments. Unite them by color. Create a winter decorating theme and lovingly adorn the unique Christmas tree. It will make an impressive centerpiece and jazz up your winter decorating. Wind the tinsels around your alternative Christmas tree from top till bottom. You can tape garlands and tinsels to keep them in place.

Trends in decorating for winter holidays

40 DIY Christmas tree design ideas

Hang Christmas balls and add snowflakes to enhance the winter holiday mood. Your favorite ornaments, traditional Christmas tree decorations, ones handed down from generation to generation, or extravagant new designs will look fantastic on your tree.

Red and white Christmas balls hanging from wooden steps

5. Christmas tree topper

Top off your alternative Christmas tree with a star or a giant ornament. Place it on the top. Add a tree skirt at the bottom making the centerpiece look like a real Christmas tree.

Christmas tree topper made with evergreen branches

6. Christmas lights

Personalize Christmas decorating with crafts and add Christmas lights to make the brilliant design the center of attraction.

Stepladder decorated with Christmas lights

Come up with original ideas or steal the look of alternative Christmas trees Lushome collected below. Have fun and enjoy the holiday season!

Alternative winter decor ideas. Ladder Christmas tree by Connection Inc, Kansas City
Alternative Christmas tree design, step ladder decorated with white Christmas lights and green ornaments
Painted red ladder with Christmas garland
Wooden ladder with shelves decorated with snow and Christmas ornaments

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