Modern Storage Ideas for Small Spaces, Staircase Design with Storage

storage cabinets in living room with staircase


Modern storage ideas for small spaces offer creative and elegant and functional staircase design with convenient and attractive storage cabinets, shelves and drawers that add unique personality to interior design and efficiently utilize available small spaces.

A design team from Build LLC, developed an integrated staircase design with storage cabinets for decluttering and better home organization. The staircase design is a part of a new house interior design the company has completed in Seattle.

The description of Cabinet Stair from the designers: Attenuated steel and solid maple treads are used to create a focal point within the home. A walnut cabinet base integrates with the stair and becomes the guardrail for the downstairs run. Slender steel verticals above provide a harmonious backdrop to the living room.

Contemporary staircase design with storage cabinets and shelves, Cabinet Stair from American designers

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Space saving integrated staircase design is a good choice for small homes, functional interior design and smart small spaces decorating.

Simple and elegant, or traditional and crafty staircase design with storage cabinets, shelves or drawers is a nice addition to interior design ideas that adds more organization and style to any room.

Wood and steel staircase design with storage cabinets under stairs

Staircase designs with storage spaces, shelves, drawers, and especially with glass doors, make living rooms and home offices, entryways and nooks look gorgeous, more functional and cozy.

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Built-in storage furniture or custom made storage cabinets and shelving that can decorate the small spaces under the stairs help create clutter free interior decorating and well organized homes that look more spacious, bright and pleasant.

Storage ideas for space saving staircase design

  by Ena Russ   

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