Cheap High Impact Home Decorating Ideas, 50 DIY Room Decorating Projects

furniture painting colorful cushions
Colorful patchwork cushions, bright furniture painting idea


If you want your home to make a significant impact, it is often a good idea to focus on one thing in each room rather than putting too many exciting things in a small space. Less is more; it is a good idea for anyone on a budget since it is cheaper to change one thing. You might want to focus on color, a dramatic piece of art, or a specific item of furniture. Whatever you choose, make sure it is something you like and which you will still like months or years from now, and make sure that it will fit in with everything else in the room.

Cheap ideas for creative and modern home decorating

Felt wall decorating ideas

Modern wall decorating with ordinary frames

The art of interior design and room decorating

Furniture painting ideas

Color design

Elegant vintage decor, corner clocks, furniture painting ideas

Color is one of the most valuable tools when making a high-impact change to your home without spending too much money. You can easily buy some cheap paint to brighten up a room, and your choice of color can have a dramatic impact. If you want to achieve a dramatic effect with as little cost as possible, you can buy a smaller pot of paint and paint one section of the room or a single wall.

Original furniture painting idea

You might even be able to achieve a high-impact effect using a free paint sample. The tiny pots or picture frames are great for adding a touch of modern color, painting the wall behind your shelves, or filling in a small inglenook. If you feel very artistic, you might even want to try stenciling a pattern onto your walls or painting a mural.

Decorating empty walls with clutter

Kids room decorating: clutter for creative walls design

Beaded curtains with crystals

Even little accents like stair treads on your stairways or pictures on the wall can make a huge difference for a relatively low price. If you prefer wallpaper to paint, but you want to avoid spending enough to repaper a whole room, then you might want to try papering a single wall or even using just one sheet of wallpaper. A single wallpaper panel can make an exciting feature if the pattern is interesting enough. It is particularly true if your rooms are oddly-shaped since you can fit the wallpaper into a small nook or use it to cover a short section of the wall.

Red stair treads, cheap ideas for colorful home decorating

Creative wall decor

Adding some art to your room can also make a huge difference, and it doesn’t have to cost the earth. You can find cheap artwork at car boot sales or auctions of work by art students. It is also possible to pick up some affordable prints of photographs or paintings, which can be framed and hung up in your room. You may want to experiment with hanging your pictures in different ways to create the best effect.

Cheap wall decorating ideas, kids art, wall decorations

3d decor

Choosing a piece of sculpture rather than a painting can often make an even more significant impact since people are less used to seeing 3D artwork in family homes. You may be able to pick up an affordable piece from a sale or auction, but you can also try looking for exciting antiques or everyday decor items that could be considered art. Properly placed, a natural thing such as an interestingly worn stone or even an industrial piece of machinery can work as a dramatic piece of art for your home decor.

Modern wall decor, 3d elephant, modern wall decoration

Personalized and cheap ideas

If you prefer something a little more personal, you should look for some good photos, or perhaps some art created by your children. You could also try making a collage using old photos, postcards, fabric, or anything that you think will look good on your wall.

Bright and cheap ideas for home decorating, DIY colorful lampshades
Home decorating with letters, recycling maps for GO sign
Colorful patchwork cushions, bright furniture painting idea
Cheap ideas for colorful home decorating

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