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Creative storage ideas help organize household items, decorate home interiors on a dime and keep life in working order. The space above the doorways, on walls and under staircases are valuable and can be used for beautiful displays and creative storage. Old closet doors, shelves, boxes and bins make wonderful home decorations, offering convenient storage solutions for small items, books, shoes or toys.

Creative storage ideas are the way to refresh home interiors, adding more beauty and style to any room decor. Attractive and comfortable storage solutions make small homes look more spacious, functional and inviting, weather you use interesting storage ideas for modern interior decorating or home staging for sale. Old furniture, antique chests, closets doors, window shutters and small shelves, painted and decorated with storage boxes, pins or small household items, create additional storage space in small rooms and attractive home decorations that make home interiors feel modern and more functional.

Large contemporary bookshelves and walk-in closets make modern home interiors very comfortable, but unusual creative storage solutions add unique charm and interest to home interiors. Antique chests and shelves, simple storage boxes and traditional baskets, modern storage units or contemporary plastic bins give a house more character, increasing home storage space.

Attractive bathroom storage, creative storage ideas

Indoor bike storage, modern interior decorating with a bike

Home organizing, French design inspiration for comfort

Large and small storage boxes, space saving corner shelves and hanging baskets, old closet doors and small storage space above a doorway are great for creative storage ideas that organize home interiors and offer convenient storage solutions for small household items, toys, clothing and shoes.

Creative home storage solution for umbrellas

Handmade storage solutions and simple craft ideas that help decorate modern homes and bring coziness into room decor are perfect for adults and kids rooms. Creative storage ideas are inexpensive alternatives to add additional storage space and elegant home accents to emphasize existing furniture and personalize room decor. Simple handmade storage solutions, colorful boxes, cards and creative signs look warm and interesting, adding color and charming flavor to any room decor.

Shoe boxes and paper bags, decorated with ribbons and buttons, small tags and wooden or made of paper letters, are cheap and easy home decorations and excellent home storage solutions for small rooms. Old cards and magazines, bags and boxes have sentimental values and remind of pleasant events, shopping experience and people you like, improving mood and creating more beautiful homes.

28 home storage solutions and inspirations for home organization

Creating unique storage solutions and small storage spaces can make organizing a home an exciting adventure and interesting do it yourself project. Finding a few attractive and creative storage ideas that are perfect for your room decor, helps maximize your home storage space, declutter, organize abd decorate home interiors and closets, removing some of the clutter and making small rooms feel larger and airier.

Bathroom storage ideas, small bathroom space savers

Shoe storage for staging spacious entryway

Organize cable clutter, hide cables in walls

There are many unused hidden small spaces of all sizes and shapes around every house that can offer additional storage space. Small decorative baskets, plastic bins and containers, small shelves and simple pizza or shoe boxes, hanging mesh bags and wire organizers can be arranged on shelves, doors and walls, adding unique home decorations and creating some extra storage space in every room.

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