Indoor Bike Storage, Modern Interior Decorating with a Bike

antique bike storage racks above the fireplace and modern interior decorating


Storage for a bicycle is a hot topic. The most popular bike storage solutions are metal and hard plastic bike storage racks in the garage or shed. Modern interior decorating with a bicycle is one of unusual bike storage solutions that changes views about bikes and demonstrate creative, attractive and stylish cycle parking and indoor bike storage ideas.

Steel storage systems with bike storage racks are the most popular choices for creating a nice storage for a bicycle in winter, although they can be expensive. If you do not have a garage or space in the shed for a cycle parking, unusual interior decorating ideas offer creative bike storage solutions that save space and add unique accent to your room decor.

If you cant change the situation and the size of your small apartment or home, adjust your attitude, looking at your bicycle and indoor bike storage ideas in a different perspective. Thinking about vertical or horizontal bike storage solutions in the room can inspire fresh and exciting modern interior decorating ideas, offering space saving and impressive modern room design.

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Indoor bike storage ideas

If you are looking for cheap and stylish bike storage solutions, then wooden or hard plastic bike storage racks are the right choice. A white plastic hook or painted white color wooden bike storage rack look will not be seen on a white wall, creating interesting interior decorating design with a floating in the air bicycle.

Bedroom design with a bike

Metal hooks add contemporary accents to your bedroom or living room design. Metal bike storage racks are the parts of durable storage systems that last a long time, but require regular polish to bring shine and more style into your room design, creating elegant and modern interior decorating with a bike on the wall.

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Antique and retro style bikes are wonderful interior decorating ideas that add vintage chic to your bedroom , home office or living room design, creating indoor bike storage solutions. Even old bikes can bring a charming decorative accents into your room decor, creating playful, dynamic and and relaxing modern interior decorating design.

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Money saving tip

The horizontal or vertical indoor bike storage ideas are perfect storage solutions for any bike owner that is looking to revolutionize the way they store their bike and appreciate practical unconventional and fresh interior decorating ideas that save money on bike storage and home organization, and design comfortable modern home interiors in style.

Interior decorating with a bike

Keeping the bicycle secure and out of the way, yet easy to use, and functional interior decorating with a bike create modern room design for busy professionals and students. The home organization capabilities of indoor bike storage systems, bike stands or simple racks and hooks on the wall make them wonderful room decorating accessories that help to create convenient and effective cycle parking or storage for a bike, while maximizing available living space, offering unique room decorating ideas for space saving modern interior design.

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  by Ena Russ   
  last updated: 23.10.2016


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