The Fun of Decluttering and Organizing Closets

how to declutter and organize storage spaces


Decluttering and organizing closets takes precious time, feels boring, but brings the illusion (not for long) of extra space and freedom of useless things. To get rid of clutter completely is not easy, although it is the only solution for taking closets storage space back. Creating fun atmosphere helps make decluttering and organizing pleasant and interesting. Creativity, music and smiles can be a part of making more space in your closets.

Clutter control has a little to do with organizing closets or arranging more storage shelves. Usually larger closet storage does not solve the problem. For decluttering your home, garage, attic, wardrobe or closets means to get rid of all useless things and old clothing which clutter your life.

Old clothing and accessories in closets have been accumulating over years. People spend time on organizing closets, sorting items and getting rid of useless things, especially when they move to a new place. Home organizing creates more comfortable and functional spaces, but often people do not have time for it. They stop collecting useless things, clothing and accessories, but get useless gifts over holidays.

Decluttering and organizing do not need to be boring and difficult. Regular decluttering  and organizing, that take only 5-10 minutes a day, create pleasant, comfortable closets, sheleves and cabinets, and make your life easier. However, a big party with kids or friends for creating free of clutter closets, garage or attic storage is a good idea also.

Decluttering Party

No need for organizing closets after the Decluttering Party. Old clothing will be used to make contemporary textile installations, then donated and recycled. Creating textile installations with kids and friends is a great way to get rid of clutter effortlessly and have fun.

Fold old clothing nicely and stack, building a large textile installation of old clothes, towels, bed sheets and cloth napkins. If you have a lot of clutter in your closets, each participant can create a small textile sculpture.

Be creative and come up with unique designs, made of clutter, or try to make similar designs to second hand textile installations created by New York artist Derick Melander. (Look at cute cushions, made of old clothing, decluttering closets and contemporary textile sculptures)

Contemporary textile installation, old clothing, second hand textile

Get rid of clutter by enjoying your and your kids creativity, discover a new purpose and meaning of old clothing, while having fun, designing, decluttering and organizing. Your clutter can be treasure. It is an artistic way to clear your closets from clutter, then donate and recycle used clothing and textile.

If you don’t wear some of your old clothing on a regular basis, collect it and use for Decluttering Party. Decluttering and organizing will be a colorful and memorable event for you, your kids and friends, party time filled with laugh and fun.

Decluttering and organizing closets and storage shelves will not feel too boring, if you can have fun with old clothing and textile before you pack and give it away.

A colorful textile installation on the floor in the middle of the room is a great idea for the Decluttering Party. You, your friends and members of your family will enjoy the chance to become contemporary artists. (Read more about decorating empty walls with clutter)




Doll making of second hand textile is another idea to unleash your creativity and have lots of fun while decluttering and organizing your closets.

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  by Ena Russ   

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