Modern Interior Design Integrating English Medieval Tower into Contemporary Home

contemporary home with medieval tower


This architectural design features modern interiors and an integrated English Medieval tower into its architecture. The contemporary building looks unusual, attractive, functional, and welcoming. Medieval towers are unique architectural designs and true wonders that can dramatically enhance and beautify modern interior design in a minimalist style.

Combining the Medieval English tower and modern design in minimalist style creates a bright and beautiful extension, increases living spaces, and improves interior design in many ways. The Medieval tower gives character to this contemporary building, increases valuable areas, and creates a one-of-a-kind appearance.

The tower adds a touch of eclectic style to the exterior design and personalizes modern interiors. The strikingly original, innovative, and modern building is located in Cheshire, UK, and offers gorgeous rooms that serve as a place for demonstrating movies and photo shoots.

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Modern interior design integrating a Medieval tower

Contemporary house exterior design with integrated Medieval tower

This contemporary home design demonstrates the beauty of the ancient buildings and the flexibility of modern architectural designs, harmoniously blending the Medieval English tower with the exterior and creating bright, impressive, modern interior design.

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Envisioned by the architects from architectural studio PrimeShootLocations,, the amazing, bright, modern house offers unique living spaces with personality. Surrounded by beautiful landscapes, the contemporary home exterior and its architectural interiors demonstrate comfort, functionality, and outstanding appeal.

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Modern interior design bathes rooms in natural light and creates attractive contemporary living spaces filled with stylish furniture and decor accessories. A minimalist style is a bright and light color palette perfect for functional and airy interior design ideas. While brightened the old tower elements, white paint fills home interiors with natural light.

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The tower exterior and interior design feature ancient spiral stone stairs that bring a spirit of the Middle Ages into this cozy and inviting contemporary home. The modern house includes an open living room, five bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, and a mezzanine. The modern living room provides the perfect setting for entertaining or relaxation. At the same time, the tower adds interest to modern interior design and enriches bedrooms with fabulous views of countryside landscapes.

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