Modern Interior Design with 3d Concrete Wall Tiles Reinventing Medieval Ornaments

wall decoration with concrete wall tiles

Modern interior design and wall decoration with 3d concrete wall tiles


Modern interior design with 3d wall tiles is reinventing Medieval ornaments and decoration techniques. Wall tiles with triangular motifs are called the Florentine tiles and inspired by Medieval architectural ornamentation used in monastery cloisters. Florentine is a male name with several meanings. These 3-point flowers symbolize the flourishing, thriving and shielding.

The tetragonal wall tiles with half opened florets are enhanced with creative design by Mercedesz Nagy. These decoration patterns are multiplied and filled the surrounding negative spaces with asymmetrical rhombs that create a smooth transition to each Florentine.

Floral designs are created by Akos Horvath. These wall tiles are inspired by the nature and enhanced by adding a soft bas-relief to the petals. The concrete Petal tile designs can be used for interior design and outdoor home decorating.

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3d wall tile designs

Outdoor and interior design with 3d concrete wall tiles

Beautiful concrete wall tiles Mystyle are available in various colors. Tile designs in cool colors are suggested for outdoor living spaces, while wall tile designs in warm colors are recommended for interior design.

The concrete tiles are handmade from a reinforced concrete fiber called Smart Concrete. The Smart Concrete tile designs are durable and adaptive to various modern outdoor and interior design ideas.

3 point floral designs, concrete wall tiles

The concrete tile designs blend attractive look with industrial vibe and practicality, enriched by classic geometrical shapes. The floral motifs add softness to modern interior design and create intimate outdoor living spaces, bringing happy mood and elegant forms into decorating.

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New wall tiles make a statement and create a dramatic effect that is slowly changing as the sun moves through the sky and plays with the shadows, enhancing Medieval decoration patterns.

Textural wall tile designs in floral shapes

The Smart Concrete tile designs by KAZA Concrete, present the combination of modern technology and artistry and bring new design ideas into modern interiors and outdoor living spaces.  The concrete wall tiles are great alternatives to wall decoration with modern wallpaper and paint.

Concrete wall tiles with 3d petals
Modern interior design and wall decoration with 3d concrete wall tiles

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