Modern Interior Decoration Patterns, Inviting Tigers into Homes

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Tiger mask, modern wall art


The latest trends in decorating bring beautiful tiger prints and home accessories featuring tiger stripes. You can see the beautiful decoration patterns in modern wallpaper designs, tiger furniture upholstery fabrics, decorative accessories, and wall art. Inspired by tigers, the symbols of 2022, the interior design ideas look strikingly beautiful, fresh once again, and exciting. The Lushome brings inspiring ideas for modern interior decorating with tiger prints.

Faux fur accessories with tiger prints, like pet beds, decorative pillows, and throws, add a stylish touch to modern interior decorating. Tiger wallpaper designs, wall artworks, figurines, home accessories, and outdoor home decor with tiger stripes are excellent ideas to refresh and personalize your home decorating.

Favorable interior decorating ideas in the Tiger Year

Home decorating with stripes, good Feng Shui ideas

Modern interior decorating ideas for the Water Tiger Year

Animal themes in home decorating, good Feng Shui tips

African themes in kids room decorating

Tiger prints in interior decorating

Modern wall decoration with tiger prints

Interior colors

The vertical stripes range from brown to black, creating gorgeous contrasts with yellowish fur. You can use blue colors also, as tigers like water. On hot days tigers spend most of their day relaxing in the water since they catch their prey at night. They swim for joy.

Vibrant wallpaper designs, inspired by African wildlife

Black and white stripes, brown, orange, yellowish-brown shades are perfect for adding a wild touch to modern interior decorating. Tiger prints and decoration patterns, inspired by tigers, look beautiful with green colors, blue tones, tender pink, deep reds, and golden decorations.

Tiger home decorations
Decorative pillows, home fabrics with tiger prints
Home decorations, tiger figurines
Modern bedding sets with tiger prints
Furniture upholstery fabrics with tiger prints
Tiger mask, modern wall art
Tiger prints, contemporary floor rugs
Modern kids room decorating with tiger soft toys
Floor carpet with tiger prints, modern decoration patterns

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