Tiger Year, Favorable Home Decor Ideas, Food and Clothing with Black Stripes

tiger picture, tiger wallpaper
tiger wallpaper



2010 is the Tiger year according to ancient Chinese Zodiac horoscope. Pleasing the Tiger, selecting his favorite golden, orange-brown, silver, gray, white and black colors for room decor and decorating with black stripes Feng Shui interior design and decor, attracting good luck. Undisciplined, stubborn and sometimes aggressive, the Tiger protects those who uses natural materials for home decorating and clothes, add black stripes and Tiger pictures to office or home decorating, wear striped clothing and golden, silver or white accessories.

Chinese Feng Shui practitioners explain that the year of the Tiger is the third Zodiac year, one of twelve Chinese Zodiac years, and this year is particularly good for those who were born in the year of the Tiger – …1986, 1998, 2010, 2022, 2034… are Chinese Tiger years. Those who were born in the lunar year of the Horse and the Dog year benefit from the Tiger year also.

People born under the Tiger Zodiac symbol and in the years of the Dog and the Horse become stronger, more result oriented and successful in 2010, 2022, 2034, 2046… The White Tiger, the Chinese Zodiac symbol for 2010, makes them very brave, energetic and creative, increasing their leadership qualities and opportunities for success.

The Tiger Year

Hugging man and white tiger

To the rest of Chinese Zodiac symbols the Tiger year can be good and helpful also, if people show the respect to the powerful Tiger Zodiac sign and use Feng Shui tips for room decorating with certain colors, natural materials and black stripes.

Room decorating ideas for the Tiger year

If you want to change your room decor in accordance with Chinese Zodiac years, select wooden furniture, wooden or metal decor accessories, bring more natural fabrics and add black stripes to your interior decorating for the Tiger year. These home furnishings Feng Shui your home decoration for the Year of the Tiger, and the Tiger will protect you till the next year.

tiger wallpaper

– room decor materials for the year of the Tiger

Wood and metal are the symbols of Chinese Zodiac year of the Tiger. Room furniture and decor accessories made of wood, metal and natural decorative fabrics are great for the year of the Tiger. Hide plastic home decorations, furniture and items made of synthetic materials, creating natural eco friendly home decor in the year of the Tiger.

– interior decorating with black stripes

Make room furniture and decor accessories with black stripes visible during the Tiger year. Bring more black stripes into your home, following Chinese Zodiac calendar and Feng Shui your home for wealth. One of the ways to make friends with the Tiger is adding the Chinese Zodiac symbol to your life, – tiger pictures, posters, clothes and accessories with black stripes.

Decorating fabrics and home accessories with black stripes

Feng Shui interior decorating with vases, cushions, throws, bedding sets, towels or window curtains in golden, white, black, brown, reddish-brown or silver gray color shades and black stripes, creating modern home interiors with glamorous feel and fabulous look.

Modern interior design with stripes

Wall decoration with stripes width and direction, striped walls

– fortunate interior decorating ideas for the Tiger year

The Tiger likes room furniture made of natural materials and handmade room decor accessories. Use paper, wool or eco friendly felt,k metal and wood, natural fabrics and materials for creating room decor that is Tiger pleasing, healthy and eco friendly. Natural materials and handmade crafts or home decorations will attract good luck ad Feng Shui your home for wealth.

White tiger table with glass top
Home decorative ideas


Modern wallpaper, decals, wall stickers, digital prints and paintings with tiger images and photographs of tigers are good Feng Shui home accessories for interior decorating in the year of the Tiger.

Bedding set with tiger stripes

Metal, wood, ceramic and glass decor accessories, green indoor plants and simple crafts made of natural decorative fabrics and materials are very suitable for interior decorating in the Tiger year. Creative food design ideas, inspired by tiger images and black stripes are very fortunate also. They add fun to Your life and Feng Shui it for wealth.

Stylish stripes wallpaper patterns for modern rooms decorating

Feng Shui your home with pets

– decorating ideas to Feng Shui homes for the year of the Tiger

The Tiger year brings lucky room colors for interior decorating to Feng Shui your home for wealth. Modern wallpaper patterns with black and white, brown or gray stripes, fabric prints with tiger stripes, wall artworks with images of tigers are good to Feng Shui your home for wealth and bring good luck.

Creative food design ideas inspired by tiger images
Making tiger salads with carrots, cheese and olives

– striped clothes and accessories for Chinese Zodiac year of the Tiger

To strengthen the fortune, wear clothes with black stripes, preferably in brown, black, golden, soft red and white colors. The Tiger will notice you and protect. Clothes with black stripes and room decorating accessories with stripes can be simple, but made of natural materials. Semi-precious stones, metal, wood, leather, fur and natural fabrics, like wool, silk, cotton and linen are attractive, eco friendly and favorable materials to insure the success in the year of the Tiger.

Scarf with stripes
T-shirt with white and black stripes

Metal rings, necklaces, bracelets made of gold or silver, accessories in white color with tiger black stripes, are lucky items to wear and enjoy in the Tiger year. Do not mix too many colors and various stripes together. Elegant and simple, beautiful tiger stripes in golden, brown, gray, reddish-brown, black and white colors will make you look stylish and feel lucky.

Eco friendly home decorating ideas

Tender rose petal decoration for gourmet recipes

Eco wall tile designs for modern life and style

Lamp shades with exotic animal fur patterns
Decorative candles with tiger stripes
Home decorating fabrics with black stripes and tiger images for wall decoration

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