Interior Design Ideas, Textures and Colors for Men and Women

contemporary living room designs white brown furniture
Comfortable brown and white room colors, contemporary interior design ideas for a man, color contrasts for living room decorating


Many interior designers believe that there is no big difference between interior design for women and men. Comfortable and functional, harmonious and modern interior design ideas have a universal appeal, they explain. Still, if a man and a woman like one interior design style and have one favorite color, their design and room decorating ideas, solutions and realizations can be very different.

Interior design for a couple should find interesting and appealing to both, a woman and a man, interior design ideas, attractively blending their tastes and personal preferences. Modern room design ideas should offer peace and comfort, balance and harmony, luxury and elegance, bringing more joy and optimism into men and women homes.

Men like solid design, functional furniture, strong contrasts and comfortable colors, deep tones, like rich red wine colors burgundy and beaujolais, forest green, navy, black and brown. (Matching room colors, furnishings and paint color schemes) Wrought iron, leather, wood and heavy fabrics are their favorite materials that manifest strength and comfort.

Comfortable design ideas, attractive furniture, cheerful and colorful or neutral and elegant room colors, soft home furnishings, luxurious, rich or delicate fabrics and charming decorative details create pleasant environment for ladies. (Neutral room colors, decorating with modern beige tones)

Modern kitchen design and dining room decorating ideas for a single man

Kitchen interior design and dining room decorating ideas for a single woman

Interior decorating ideas for men

Men prefer massive and stuffy shapes, rich textures, simple lines, strong color contrasts, tasteful, functional and simple interior design ideas.

Minimalism and open loft ideas, rustic wood and high-tech appliances are male pleasing interior design ideas that offer impressive, well-organized, practical and simple masculine home design and room decorating.

(Free of clutter minimalist interior decorating) Large screen TVs and latest computer models are their favorite items that can be spread out between all rooms for creating functional and relaxing home design.

Wooden wall panels, large abstract art and modern prints are great wall decorations that improve interior design in a single man’s interior, add style and an artistic touch to his room decorating ideas.

Black and white photography, framed sport pictures and posters, sophisticated photographs of cars, bicycles, motorcycles, helicopters or planes are excellent room decorating ideas that add character to interior decorating and make male interior design feel more personal.

Interior design and room decorating ideas for women

At home, in the office or in the car women (Best women car interior designs) want to feel beautiful and successful, and they prefer luxurious and decorative ideas that enhance these feelings and allow to experience the higher level of modern comfort and elegant style. (Interior design of the Year, ideal car for busy women)

Modern women like soft interior decorating ideas, cozy and comfortable home design, aesthetically appealing details and pleasant color schemes.(Spring decorating, neutral room colors, bright decor)

Women respond well to romantic interior decorating ideas, especially with the retro touch and nostalgic vintage flavor.

Women like to coordinate home furnishings, selecting an accent color and unique texture for interesting and cheerful room decorating ideas. Ladies use interesting shapes to unite design elements, creating harmonious interior decorating ideas with different textures and room colors.

Women enjoy welcoming interior decorating with comfortable furniture pieces, cozy pillows, warm throws, tender floral patterns, homemade room decorating items or contemporary and stylish decor accessories.

Modern interior decorating ideas

Interior design with lights that change room colors like chameleons
Pink kitchen ideas and color schemes
Interior decorating and paint colors trends

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