How to Recycle Plastic Bottles for Home Decor and Many Other Useful Things

green ideas for plastic recycling

Creative way to recycle plastic bottles for outdoor furniture

Wondering how to recycle plastic bottles? Lushome collection of DIY craft ideas gives you great inspirations for plastic recycling and creating unique home furnishings and garden decorations. You can make a variety of useful things, outdoor furniture and original items for interior decorating, gardening accessories and art while recycling plastic bottles.

Ways to recycle plastic bottles vary depending on your skills and free time. Creating crafts and DIY outdoor furniture with plastic bottles is a fun activity that help recycle plastic bottles and protect the environment. All plastic recycling ideas are eco friendly, as plastic degrades over 100 years.

Designers and DIY enthusiasts show amazing ways to recycle plastic bottles for home decor and other useful things, like gardening accessories and yard decorations. Most of the recycled crafts with plastic bottles are simple and easy, suitable for kids and adults.

25 creative plastic recycling ideas turning plastic straws into useful things and home decorations

Plastic bag recycling for floor mats

20 plastic recycling ideas and simple crafts for kids

How to recycle plastic bottles

How to recycle plastic bottles for chandeliers and pendant lights


You can make so many beautiful and functional things while recycling. From vases and containers to wall decoraitons and kids toys, plastic bottles are the great craft material.

1. Modern lighting fixtures.

Plastic recycling for lighting fixtures

2. Plastic planters for miniature garden design and small pots for container gardening.

Plastic recycling for pots with plants
Ways to recycle plastic bottles for hanging planters and yard decorations, craft ideas for kids

3. Outdoor furniture, like beds, bar designs and modern chairs.

Creative way to recycle plastic bottles for outdoor furniture
Plastic bottle chair
Plastic bottle bed and wall design ideas

4. Decorative vases.

Decorative vases recycling plastic bottles

5. Rain curtains and room dividers.

Plastic recycling for rain curtains and room dividers

How to recycle plastic bottles for fence design and yard decorations

How to recycle plastic bottles for rain curtains

6. Home organizers.

Plastic recycling for DIY toilet paper dispenser

7. Brooms.

Plastic recycling for DIY brooms

8. Gardening accessories.

Gardening accessories

9. Garden decorations, whirligig crafts and wind chimes.

Whirligig craft ideas adding fun yard decorations to backyard designs

Planters and garden decorations
How to recycle plastic bottles for colorful yard decorations
How to recycle plastic bottles for home decorations and DIY kids toys
Yard decorations to recycle plastic bottles

10. Plastic shoes.

DIY plastic shoes

11. Recycling plastic bottles for boats.

Boat made with plastic bottles
Creative way to recycle plastic bottles for boats

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