Digital Wall Panel and Smart Window Designs, Modern Interior Design Ideas

interactive monitor motionmagix
Interactive monitor MotionMagix


Digital walls and smart window designs change modern interior design, bringing science and technology into homes and offering unlimited opportunities to designers for creating functional and beautiful living spaces for contemporary lifestyle.

Digital walls are large wall panels, often from a floor-to-ceiling, that bring unique designs into modern interiors, limited only by your imagination. Digital walls are a unique contemporary way to transform environments, add personality to modern interior design and create intimate contemporary interiors with a human touch.

Rooms can be changed into retreats, empty walls can bring nice images of escapes, creating ideal spaces to pause, relax and contemplate, and offering amazing, interesting and interactive modern interior design ideas for contemporary homes and offices.

Bathroom decorating with smart bathtub

Digital wall panels for modern interior design

Contemporary technology for modern interior design, digital wall designs

Digital walls and smart windows are designed to enhance modern interior design ideas in an environmentally conscious way also. Latest innovation in environmental design and recyling help to create eco friendly products, incorporating digital technology into modern interiors.

Digital walls generate impressive designs by the movement of people or using algorithms that reproduce pleasant images and beautiful landscapes, adding a contemporary flavor to modern interior design.

Decorating laundry room in eco style

Digital wall in Wisconsin

A huge digital wall in the lobby of Wisconsin Institute makes bright red wall design dynamic, functional and futuristic. The digital wall provides information to visitors, making a bold statement and adding a striking accent to modern interior design.  The digital wall is interactive, it responds to the actions of people  in front of it.

Digital wall in Wisconsin Institute, red wall design with digital wall panel

New stainless steel refrigerator for hi-tech modern kitchen

Interactive wall panel MotionMagix

MotionMagix wall panel is a large digital wall used for advertisement. The wall panel reacts to people in front of it, offering information that people memorize effortlessly and 10 times faster with the help of interactive visual presentations.

Interactive monitor MotionMagix, large wall panel for training and advertisement

Smart home autimation will lower electricity bills

Digital Graffiti Wall design

Digital Graffiti wall design is excellent for training and advertisement. Anybody an write and draw pictures on the wall or create images and text using a computer.

Graffiti wall for writing and drawing

Dog poop recycling and green design

Large digital wall design from DIBOSS

Light and durable digital wall design from DIBOSS offers 160 inch digital wall panel for commercial, advertising and educational purposes.

Large digital wall design from DIBOSS

Contemporary technology for floor carpets design

Interactive wallpaper Living Wall

Interactive wallpapers bring dramatic changes into modern interior design, and especially wall decoration, creating bold wall design and allowing to change lighting, sound and colors, while providing the information about the air quality, noise levels and temperature in the room.

Digital wallpaper, interactive Living Wall

Scents that help loose weight

Digital wall from Panasonic

Panasonic digital wall design is a huge wall panel, an interactive touch screen monitor, great for offices and modern home interiors. Panasonic digital wall id designs for training and presentations, playing video games and watching movies.

Panasonic digital wall for writing and drawing

Smart coffee machine, kitchen islands cabinet with built-in coffee maker

Digital wall design from Lumen

Kiwibank Interactive Digital Wall from Lumen understands people’s gestures. Teachable and very smart digital wall is amazing and easy to communicate with.

Kiwibank Interactive Digital Wall panel from Lumen

Smart wine bottle stoppers, contemporary design ideas

Smart window design from Samsung

Samsung Smart Window can be an ordinary window or your favorite recipe book, work as window shades or bring news from the internet, provide useful information and tips or show beautiful images of places you like.

Smart window from Samsung for modern interior design

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